PacktLib: OGRE 3D 1.7 Application Development Cookbook

OGRE 3D 1.7 Application Development Cookbook


About the Authors

About the Reviewers


Delving Deep into Application Design


Creating a Win32 Ogre application

Creating an MFC Ogre application

Creating an MFC Ogre application with a ribbon

Creating a Windows Forms Ogre application

Creating an Ogre plugin

Creating a custom resource manager

Let Us Be Multimodal


Using the keyboard input to navigate an Ogre scene

Using the mouse input to navigate an Ogre scene

Using voice input with static grammar

Using voice input with dynamic grammar

Using text-to-speech to make the application speak

Managing Objects and Scenes


Creating terrain from a LandXML file

Creating Delaunay triangulation

Creating manual objects

Creating parametric superellipsoids

Adding meshes on terrain

Adding trees as billboards

Creating and editing a scene

Saving a scene to an XML file

Loading a scene from an XML file

Let There Be Light


Creating weather controls

Creating lights

Creating dynamic effects

Managing particle system

Managing shadows

Playing with Materials


Using geoimages as terrain textures

Creating transparent materials

Creating dynamic textures

Creating movable text

2D image manipulation

Learning to Move


Walking between points

Walking along a path

Collision detection

Converting a 2D path into a 3D path

Walking on terrain

Linked movement

Implementing Animations


Creating skeletal animations

Creating morph animations

Creating pose animations

Creating SceneNode animations

Creating numeric value animations

Creating linked animation

Animation using controllers

Creating linked controllers

Blending animations

Creating animated light

Flashy Multimedia


Render to texture

Creating a mirror

Creating a video

Using sounds

Using voice

Video to texture

Queries and Views


Predefined views

Zoom management

Zooming to a selected object

Orbiting an object

Selecting objects

Object visibility