PacktLib: Magento 1.4 Theming Cookbook

Magento 1.4 Theming Cookbook


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Theme Basics—Working with the Default Theme


Shutting down the cache before working with themes

Theme inheritance in Magento

Adding blocks

Creating layouts

Layout handles

Customizing templates

Working with Existing Themes


Installing a theme through Magento Connect

Installing a theme manually

Selecting the recently installed theme

Enabling template path hints

Simple modifications, changing a logo and header info

Simple modifications, link to CMS pages from our theme

Starting Our Own Theme—Basic Steps


Starting our theme; laying the foundation

Adding content in the home page

Adding breadcrumbs

Enabling the search form

Adding top links

Adding the language selector

Footer links

Adding the mini cart

Building our main menu

Continuing Our Theme—Other Necessary Pages


Enhancing what we have up to now

Setting the template for the catalog page

Setting the template for other CMS pages

Setting the template for the Sign In page

Setting the template for the Shopping Cart page

Modifying the product detail page

Going Further—Making Our Theme Shine


Using Cufón to include any font we like in our theme

SlideDeck content slider

Nivo banner slider

Magento Easy Lightbox

Adding social media sharing to product page

Adding featured products to the home page

Building Simple Extensions


Installing the ModuleCreator extension

Using the ModuleCreator extension

Building a featured products block

Modifying the featured products block to show the most sold products

Localization and Other Tips


Localizing our theme

Getting the current store

How to create a multi-currency store

How to create CMS pages

Translating the topmenu

Selling Our Theme


Packing our theme

Nice features for our theme

Where to sell our theme

Where to go from here

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Quick Summary

Quick Summary

Quick Summary

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