PacktLib: Gnucash 2.4 Small Business Accounting: Beginner's Guide

Gnucash 2.4 Small Business Accounting


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Getting Started with GnuCash

Installing GnuCash on Windows

Time for action – installing GnuCash on Windows

But first, a tip to make your life easier with auto-save

Taking the drudgery out of setting up accounts

Time for action – creating the default business accounts

Getting your business accounts done just right

Time for action – fine tuning business accounts

How to impress your accountant

Strengths and limitations of GnuCash


Transactions – the Lifeblood of a Business

A quick and easy way to enter simple transactions

Time for action – entering simple transactions quickly and easily

Entering a simple transaction in the account register

Time for action – entering a simple transaction in the account register

Entering a more complex transaction in the account register

Time for action – entering a split transaction in the account register

Anybody can change their mind

Time for action – editing, cancelling, and deleting transactions

A feeling of déjà vu

Time for action – reusing transactions


Fun and Eye-opening Part - Reports and Charts

Viewing standard reports and charts

Time for action – viewing standard reports and charts

Creating a custom report and saving it

Time for action – creating a custom report and saving it

Working with stylesheets

Time for action – working with stylesheets

Exporting reports

Time for action – exporting reports


How not to Get Lost in the Transactions Jungle

How not to get lost while hiking in the wilderness

Manual reconciliation

Time for action – reconciling with a printed monthly statement

Electronic reconciliation

Time for action – reconciling with a downloaded electronic statement

Credit card reconciliation

Vital point to remember when importing an OFX file

Recovering from wrong selection of account

Time for action – changing the account to import into


Repetitive Work? Let GnuCash do it

Let GnuCash worry about recurring transactions

Time for action – creating a recurring transaction from the register

A stitch in time saves nine

Time for action – triggering scheduled transactions

Tool to create many recurring transactions

Time for action – creating scheduled transactions in bulk


Business Mantra: Buy Now, Pay Later

Credit is the lubricant for the wheels of business

Billing terms and customers

Time for action – setting up billing terms and adding customers

Invoices and Accounts Receivable

Time for action – keeping track of credit sales

Setting the starting invoice number

Time for action – setting the starting invoice number

Processing payment

Time for action – when the check is on hand

Bills and accounts payable

Time for action – keeping track of credit purchases


Budget: Trip Planner for your Business


Time for action – creating a budget for your business

Employees and payroll

Time for action – making payroll entries in GnuCash


Time for action – making depreciation entries for assets

Owner's drawing

Time for action – entering owner's draw in your books


Making Tax Times Less Stressful

GnuCash currently supports only US business types for income tax

Setting up income tax related accounts

Time for action – mapping GnuCash accounts to tax schedules

Creating income tax schedule report and TXF export

Time for action – getting the numbers for tax returns

Setting up sales tax tables

Time for action – setting up sales tax tables

Applying sales tax to invoices

Time for action – charging sales tax on sales


Printing Checks and Finding Transactions

Finding transactions

Time for action – searching for a transaction

Printing checks

Time for action – printing checks

Numbered accounts

Time for action – assigning numbers to accounts

Financial calculator

Time for action – calculating mortgage payments


Adapting GnuCash for Non-profits and Personalizing

No separate non-profit version of GnuCash

Bookkeeping for non-profits

Time for action – using GnuCash features for non-profits

Keeping funds for projects separately

Time for action – allocating funds for projects

Getting overall Income Statement

Time for action – getting overall Income Statement

Personalizing GnuCash

Time for action – getting your work environment just right

Protecting your data

Time for action – backing up your data


Data Import/Export: Use your Phone to enter Expenses

Saving expense data in your smartphone and uploading to your PC

Time for action – using a smartphone to save expense data

Sending data through an expense tracking service

Time for action – using an expense tracking service to get data into GnuCash

Migrating to GnuCash from other accounting software

Time for action – migrating to GnuCash from other software

Exporting data from GnuCash

Time for action – exporting data from GnuCash for migration and other purposes


Application Integration and Other Advanced Topics

These tutorials assume a certain level of proficiency

Using Base to query data

Time for action – using popular office software to query GnuCash data

Using MS Excel to create reports and charts

Time for action – connecting from Excel to create reports and charts

Application integration

Time for action – exporting contact information from GnuCash

Foreign currency transactions

Time for action – invoicing and receiving payment in Canadian dollars

Other handy tips and tricks

Time for action – grouping invoices for each contract separately


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