PacktLib: Python 2.6 Graphics Cookbook

Python 2.6 Graphics Cookbook


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Running a shortest Python program

Ensuring that the Python modules are present

A basic Tkinter program

Make a compiled executable under Windows and Linux

Drawing Fundamental Shapes


A straight line and the coordinate system

Draw a dashed line

Lines of varying styles with arrows and endcaps

A two segment line with a sharp bend

A line with a curved bend

Drawing intricate shapes – the curly vine

Draw a rectangle

Draw overlapping rectangles

Draw concentric squares

A circle from an oval

A circle from an arc

Three arc ellipses


A star polygon

Cloning and resizing stars

Handling Text


Simple text

Text font type, size, and color

Alignment of text – left and right justify

All the fonts available on your computer

Animation Principles


Static shifting of a ball

Time-controlled shifting of a ball

Complete animation using draw-move-pause-erase cycles

More than one moving object

A ball that bounces

Bouncing in a gravity field

Precise collisions using floating point numbers

Trajectory tracing and ball-to-ball collisions

Rotating line

Trajectory tracing on multiple line rotations

A rose for you

The Magic of Color


A limited palette of named colors

Nine ways of specifying color

A red beachball of varying hue

A red color wedge of graded hue

Newton's grand wheel of color mixing

The numerical color mixing matching palette

The animated graded color wheel

Tkinter's own color picker-mixer

Working with Pictures

Opening an image file and discovering its attributes

Open, view, and save an image in a different file format

Image format conversion for JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP

Image rotation in the plane of the image

Image size alteration

Correct proportion image resizing

Separating one color band in an image

Red, green, and blue color alteration in images

Slider controlled color manipulation

Combining images by blending

Blending images by varying percentages

Make a composite image using a mask image

Offset (roll) image horizontally and vertically

Flip horizontally, vertically, and rotate

Filter effects: blur, sharpen, contrast, and so on

Combining Raster and Vector Pictures

Simple animation of a GIF beach ball

The vector walking creature

Bird with shoes walking in the Karroo

Making GIF images with transparent backgrounds using GIMP

Diplomat walking at the palace

Spider in the forest

Moving band of images

Continuous band of images

Endless background

Data In and Data Out


Creation of a new file on a hard drive

Writing data to a newly-created file

Writing data to multiple files

Adding data to existing files

Saving a Tkinter-drawing shape to disk

Retrieving Python data from disk storage

Simple mouse input

Storing and retrieving a mouse-drawn shape

A mouse-line editor

All possible mouse actions

Exchanging Inkscape SVG Drawings with Tkinter Shapes


The structure of an SVG drawing

Tracing the shape of an image in Inkscape

Converting an SVG path into a Tkinter Line

GUI Construction: Part 1


Widget configuration – a label

Button focus

The simplest push button with validation

A data entry box

Colored button causing a message pop-up

Complex interaction between buttons

Images on buttons and button packing

Grid Geometry Manager and button arrays

Drop-down menus to select from a list

Listbox variable selection

Text in a window

GUI Construction: Part 2


The Grid Layout Geometry Manager

The Pack Geometry Manager

Radiobuttons to select one from many

Checkbuttons (Tickboxes) to select some of many

Key-stroke event handling


Custom DIY controller widgets

Organizing widgets inside frames

Quick tips for running Python programs in Microsoft Windows

Quick tips for running Python programs in Microsoft Windows

Quick tips for running Python programs in Microsoft Windows

Quick tips for running Python programs in Microsoft Windows

Quick tips for running Python programs in Microsoft Windows