PacktLib: Python Text Processing with NLTK 2.0 Cookbook

Python Text Processing with NLTK 2.0 Cookbook


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Tokenizing Text and WordNet Basics


Tokenizing text into sentences

Tokenizing sentences into words

Tokenizing sentences using regular expressions

Filtering stopwords in a tokenized sentence

Looking up synsets for a word in WordNet

Looking up lemmas and synonyms in WordNet

Calculating WordNet synset similarity

Discovering word collocations

Replacing and Correcting Words


Stemming words

Lemmatizing words with WordNet

Translating text with Babelfish

Replacing words matching regular expressions

Removing repeating characters

Spelling correction with Enchant

Replacing synonyms

Replacing negations with antonyms

Creating Custom Corpora


Setting up a custom corpus

Creating a word list corpus

Creating a part-of-speech tagged word corpus

Creating a chunked phrase corpus

Creating a categorized text corpus

Creating a categorized chunk corpus reader

Lazy corpus loading

Creating a custom corpus view

Creating a MongoDB backed corpus reader

Corpus editing with file locking

Part-of-Speech Tagging


Default tagging

Training a unigram part-of-speech tagger

Combining taggers with backoff tagging

Training and combining Ngram taggers

Creating a model of likely word tags

Tagging with regular expressions

Affix tagging

Training a Brill tagger

Training the TnT tagger

Using WordNet for tagging

Tagging proper names

Classifier based tagging

Extracting Chunks


Chunking and chinking with regular expressions

Merging and splitting chunks with regular expressions

Expanding and removing chunks with regular expressions

Partial parsing with regular expressions

Training a tagger-based chunker

Classification-based chunking

Extracting named entities

Extracting proper noun chunks

Extracting location chunks

Training a named entity chunker

Transforming Chunks and Trees


Filtering insignificant words

Correcting verb forms

Swapping verb phrases

Swapping noun cardinals

Swapping infinitive phrases

Singularizing plural nouns

Chaining chunk transformations

Converting a chunk tree to text

Flattening a deep tree

Creating a shallow tree

Converting tree nodes

Text Classification


Bag of Words feature extraction

Training a naive Bayes classifier

Training a decision tree classifier

Training a maximum entropy classifier

Measuring precision and recall of a classifier

Calculating high information words

Combining classifiers with voting

Classifying with multiple binary classifiers

Distributed Processing and Handling Large Datasets


Distributed tagging with execnet

Distributed chunking with execnet

Parallel list processing with execnet

Storing a frequency distribution in Redis

Storing a conditional frequency distribution in Redis

Storing an ordered dictionary in Redis

Distributed word scoring with Redis and execnet

Parsing Specific Data


Parsing dates and times with Dateutil

Time zone lookup and conversion

Tagging temporal expressions with Timex

Extracting URLs from HTML with lxml

Cleaning and stripping HTML

Converting HTML entities with BeautifulSoup

Detecting and converting character encodings

Penn Treebank Part-of-Speech Tags