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Bazaar Version Control


About the Author

About the Reviewers


Getting Started

Version control systems

Centralized version control systems (CVCS)

Distributed version control systems (DVCS)

What is Bazaar?

Installing Bazaar and its plugins

Interacting with Bazaar

Upgrading Bazaar to the latest version

Uninstalling Bazaar

Getting help


Diving into Bazaar

Understanding the core concepts

Introducing the user interfaces

Configuring Bazaar

Performing the basic version control operations

Beyond the basics


Using Branches

What is a branch?

What can you do with branches?

Why use more than one branch?

Understanding core terms and concepts

Using a shared repository

Basic branching and merging

Using the branch command

Viewing basic branch information

Comparing branches

Merging branches

Mirroring branches


Using Bazaar in a Small Team

Collaborating with others

Sharing branches over the network

Working with remote branches

Implementing simple workflows


Working with Bazaar in Centralized Mode

The centralized mode

Using Bazaar in centralized mode

Working with bound branches

Working with multiple branches

Setting up a central server

Creating branches on the central server

Practical use cases


Working with Bazaar in Distributed Mode

The distributed mode in general

The human gatekeeper workflow

The automatic gatekeeper workflow

The shared mainline workflow

Choosing a distributed workflow


Integrating Bazaar in CDE

What is a CDE?

Working with Launchpad

Integrating Bazaar into Redmine

Integrating Bazaar into Trac

Linking commits to bug trackers

Web-based repository browsing with Loggerhead


Using the Advanced Features of Bazaar

Using aliases

Undoing commits

Shelving changes

Using lightweight checkouts

Re-using a working tree

Using stacked branches

Signing revisions using GnuPG

Configuring a hook to send an e-mail on commit


Using Bazaar Together with Other VCS

Working with other VCS in general

Using Bazaar with Subversion

Using Bazaar with Git

Migrating between version control systems


Programming Bazaar

Using Bazaar programmatically

Creating a plugin

Creating a hook