PacktLib: ADempiere 3.6 Cookbook

ADempiere 3.6 Cookbook


About the Author

About the Reviewers


Preparing the Ground


Creating the installer from the source code

Installing ADempiere

Debugging the ADempiere client application (Desktop version)

Debugging the ADempiere server application (web version)

Running multiple instances on a single server

Giving ADempiere your identity

ADempiere Customization Part I


Creating a new window

Customizing an existing window

Creating a window with multiple tabs

Creating a search widget

Populating the combo-box list

Configuring a zoom window

Creating a read-only window

Creating a read-only tab

Creating read-only fields

Creating a new menu tree

Role set up and assigning a menu tree to a role

Defaulting the data display to single/multi-row mode

Showing the entity and line items on the same tab

ADempiere Customization Part II


Copy another tab widget into this tab

Filtering data at tab level

Configuring Display Logic

Configuring Default Logic

Creating a new window from an existing window

Configuring a Lookup Record

Dynamic validations

Customizing the default print format of a window

Configuring a new print format for a window

Generating a model

Creating a new info window for the desktop version

Creating a new info window for the web version

Creating a callout

Modifying hooks for a model

Creating a process

Extending the desktop version of the toolbar

Extending the web version of the toolbar

Grouping the fields in a tab

Web services


Building Web services support

Configuring Web services

Configuring a Web service to create a record

Configuring a Web service to read a record

Configuring a Web service to read a list of records

Configuring a Web service to update a record

Configuring a Web service to remove a record

Configuring a Web service to run a process

VirtueMart Integration


Setting up the environment

Bridging with Apache ActiveMQ

Building ActiveMQ adapters for ADempiere and VirtueMart

Publishing products and prices to the VirtueMart

Linking VirtueMart checkout with ADempiere

JasperReports with ADempiere

Setting up the environment

Developing a new report using view

Developing a report without a view

Using the context in a report

Developing a report with sub-report

Using custom report for printing

PayPal Integration


Preparing the ground

Working with PayPal APIs

Making payment to a PayPal account

Integrating PayPal Instant Payment Notification (IPN)

Equifax Integration


Equifax session service

Equifax address matching service

Equifax bank validation service

Equifax company matching service

Equifax consumer bureau service

Equifax password change service

Mondrian Integration for Analysis


Setting up the environment

Defining analysis cube

Analyzing data using Mondrian and JPivot

Slicing and dicing

Producing charts and graphs

Creating reports from the analyzed data set

E-mail Integration with Mozilla Thunderbird


Setting up the environment

Extending the Thunderbird toolbar

Working with ADempiere contacts from Thunderbird