PacktLib: Scribus 1.3.5: Beginner's Guide

Scribus 1.3.5 Beginner's Guide


About the Author

About the Reviewers


Getting Started with Scribus

Desktop publishing software versus text processors

The graphic workflow

Understanding the workspace

Time for action - using the main status bar options

The toolbar

Properties Palette: The main place

Layout and story editor

Software and per-document preferences

Time for action - how Scribus applies changes

Working comfortably in Scribus

Customizing Scribus a bit

To InDesign and Xpress users


Creating a First Layout

Creating a new layout

Time for action - setting page size and paper size and margins

Save the document as often as possible

Basic frames for text and images

Time for action - adding the logo

Time for action - adding the text

Time for action - adding and setting the color of a shape

Changing the stack of objects

Moving objects and exact positioning

Time for action - use X and Y properties

Basic text properties

Time for action - formatting text

Resizing objects

Scaling objects

Time for action - scaling the name of our company

Rotating objects

Time for action - the quick method for rotating an object

Aligning objects

Time for action - aligning an object on another

Locking objects to prevent errors

Grouping objects

Mirroring objects


Mastering Pages

Navigating in the document

Time for action - let's surf into the document

The Arrange Pages window

Adding and deleting pages

Time for action - a new page after the cover

Time for action - adding several pages

Arranging pages

Customizing page properties

Creating and deleting master pages

Time for action - using default master pages

Time for action - hands on master page

Applying master pages

Sharing pages and master pages between documents

Time for action - reusing pages

Numbering pages

Time for action - page numbering

Adding sections


Time for action - a simple three-folded document



Using Text in Scribus

Creating Text Frames

Setting Text Frame options

Size and position

Importing simple text

Time for action - import it from Shakespeare land!

Linking and unlinking Text Frames

Time for action - import it from Shakespeare Land, going on!

Flowing text

Time for action - let's jump into the flow!

Editing text in the layout and hyphenation

Time for action - automatic hyphenation

Story Editor

Find and change some words

Time for action - replacing a text format overall in the document

Short Words

Time for action - automatic replacement with Short Words

Dealing with special characters

Time for action - adding glyphs on your page

Manual TOC using tabs

Time for action - creating a Table of Content

Exporting text


Formatting Your Text

The three ways of changing a property

Time for action - the font sizes

Time for action - stroking letters

Paragraph formatting

Time for action - improving white spaces and alignment

Managing fonts and Fontbook

Time for action - setting a custom font directory

Using styles

Time for action - working with styles

Importing styled documents

Time for action - import a Writer document

Importing a structured document


Special Frames for Complex Content Management

Using tables

Time for action - creating a table

Time for action - formatting tables

Time for action - modifying rows and columns

Time for action - linking content through cells

Time for action - importing a OOCalc table

Bullets with inline frames

Time for action - using inline frames

Understanding the render frame

Time for action - creating your first render frame

Time for action - e=mc2

Time for action - Scribus scrapbooking


Drawing Advanced Frames and Shapes

Frame conversion and text to outlines

Time for action - images in a text shape

Drawing basic shapes

Drawing polygons

Mesh distortion

Time for action - distorting a shape

Mixing shapes with path operations

Have a go hero - let's create a mix!


Time for action - drawing lines with the Pen tool

Time for action - attach text to a line

Point to modify existing lines and shapes

Drawing paths with the Bezier tool

Time for action - creating custom paths with the Bezier tool


Importing Images

Importing and exporting: The concepts

Importing photos

Relinking photos

Time for action - creating a postcard

The Scribus paste special

Placing vector drawings

About graphic file formats

File information

Image resolution and scaling

Graphic display properties

Image layers

Working with clipping paths

Time for action - using clipping path twice

Image effects

Time for action - applying color to an imported graphic


Applying and Managing Color

Applying colors in detail

Time for action - applying colors to a Text Frame's text

Applying shade or transparency

Time for action - transparency and layers

Gradients and pattern fill

Time for action - using patterns and gradients in a layout

Create and import colors

Time for action - managing new colors

Time for action - importing from a Scribus document

Spot colors

Time for action - replacing colors

Choosing colors that suit

Color management

Time for action - managing colors in Scribus


Print Your Layout

Printing from Scribus

Preflight Verifier

Time for action - detecting errors before exporting

Previewing before printing

Time for action - previewing color separation

Printing booklets

Exporting to PDF

Time for action - quick export method

Collect for output


Customizing the Creation or Viewing Process

PDF option toolbar overview

Time for action - adding hyperlinks


Time for action - adding bookmarks to your PDF documents


Buttons and form tools

Time for action - sell your shoes and help clients choose!

Display and viewing options

Time for action - communicating with the reader application

Light-weight PDFs

Time for action - using a predefined script to reduce file size

PDF interaction

Time for action - calculate the sum of the fields

Scripting basics to extend Scribus

Time for action - adding a script

Time for action - importing from databases with a script


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