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Away3D 3.6 Cookbook


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Working with Away3D Materials


Using a single MovieClip for multiple materials

Controlling the MovieClip of MovieMaterial

Streaming VOD from FMS for VideoMaterial

Interpolating material color dynamically with DepthBitmapMaterial

Creating normal maps in Photoshop

Generating normal maps using Away3D NormalMapGenerator

Getting your hands dirty with Pixel Bender materials

Assembling composite materials

Working with Away3D Cameras


Creating an FPS controller

Creating Camera Depth of Field Effect

Detecting whether an object is in front of or behind the camera

Changing lenses

Following a third-person view with a spring camera

Tracking screen coordinates of 3D objects

Transforming objects in 3D space relative to the camera position

Using Quaternion camera transformations for advanced image gallery viewing

Animating the 3D World


Animating (Rigging) characters in 3DsMax

Controlling bones animation in Collada

Working with MD2 animations

Morphing objects

Animating geometry with Tween engines

Moving an object on top of the geometry with FaceLink

Fun by Adding Interactivity


Adding rotational interactivity to an Away3D primitive by using Mouse movements

Implementing advanced object rotation using vector math

Creating advanced spherical surface transitions with Quaternions

Interactively painting on the model's texture

Dragging on geometry by unprojecting mouse coordinates

Morphing mesh interactively

Creating a controllable non-physical car

Experiencing the Wonders of Special Effects


Exploding geometry

Creating advanced bitmap effects using filters

Creating clouds

Visualizing sound in 3D

Creating lens flair effects

Masking 3D objects

Using Text and 2D Graphics to Amaze


Setting dynamic text with TextField3D

Interactive animation of text along a path

Creating 3D objects from 2D vector data

Drawing with segments in 3D

Creating a 3D illusion with Away3D sprites

Depth-sorting and Artifacts Solutions


Fixing geometry artifacts with Frustum and NearField clipping

Removing artifacts from intersecting objects

Solving depth-sorting problems with Layers and Render Modes



Exporting models from Prefab

Normal mapping with Prefab

Maintaining workflow with AwayConnector

UV map editing with Prefab

Creating terrain

Generating light maps

Working with External Assets


Exporting models from 3DsMax/Maya/Blender

Exporting models from 3DsMax to ActionScript class

Preparing MD2 models for Away3D in MilkShape

Loading and parsing models (DAE, 3ds, Obj, MD2)

Storing and accessing external assets in SWF

Preloading 3D scene assets

Integration with Open Source Libraries


Setting Away3D with JigLib

Creating a physical car with JigLib

Morphing Away3D geometry with AS3DMOD

Exploding particles with FLINT

Setting Augmented Realty with FLARToolkit in Away3D

Adding Box2D physics to Away3D objects

Away3D Lite


Setting up Away3D Lite using templates

Importing external models in Away3D Lite

Manipulating geometry

Making 2D shapes appear three dimensional by using Sprite3D

Managing Z-Sorting by automatic sorting and using layers

Creating virtual trackball

Writing Away3D Lite applications with haXe

Optimizing Performance


Defining depth of rendering

Restricting the scene poly count

Working with LOD objects

Optimizing geometry by welding vertices

Excluding objects from rendering

Image size consideration

Important tips for performance optimization

Doing More with Away3D


Moving on uneven surfaces

Detecting collisions between objects in Away3D

Creating cool effects with animated normal maps

Creating skyboxes and their textures

Running heavy scenes faster using BSP trees

Beginning Molehill API

Beginning Molehill API