PacktLib: Inkscape 0.48 Illustrator's Cookbook

Inkscape 0.48 Illustrator's Cookbook


About the Authors

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Creating and Editing Objects


Creating and editing 2D geometric shapes

Creating freehand and straight lines

Editing paths using the Node tool

Creating paths using the Pen (Bezier) tool

Creating smooth paths with Spiro Spline

Creating calligraphic shapes

Using the Eraser tool

Creating and editing 3D boxes

Creating and editing text



Path operations

Editing Colors


Changing fill and stroke color using a palette

Making objects partially transparent

Creating linear gradients

Recreating HAL 9000 using radial gradients


Picking and assigning colors with the Dropper tool

Adjusting hue, lightness, saturation, and stroke width using Color Gestures

Different color icon sets using RGB Barrel

Speeding Up Your Workflow


Autosaving documents

Designing plate rims using Layers

Geometric illusions using Grids

Creating a simple flashlight using Guides

Creating a stylized flower using Snapping

Leaflet design using Align and Distribute

Creating your own custom color swatches

Creating your own color palette

More time-saving tips

Importing drawings from OpenClipArt

Creating and Editing Clones


Drawing clock dial markers using clones

Drawing a colorful grid of tiled clones

Changing icon colors using tiled clones

Drawing clock dial markers using tiled clones

Creating halftones using tiled clones

Creating a bokeh effect using tiled clones

Creating a kaleidoscopic pattern using tiled clones

Drawing a tree with cloned leaves using the Spray tool

Clipping with clones

Live Path Effects


Bending paths

Using Pattern Along Path

Using Envelope Deformation

Interpolating sub-paths

Stitching sub-paths

Creating gears

Creating hatches (rough)

Sketching shapes

Constructing grids

Creating rulers

Creating knots

Generating VonKoch fractals



Setting Color Markers to Match Stroke

Using Whirl

Rendering 3D polyhedrons and wireframe spheres

Rendering barcodes

Rendering calendars

Using Render Grid, Cartesian Grid, and Polar Grid

Rendering spirographs

Rendering L-systems

Rendering functions and parametric curves

Rendering printing marks

Playing "connect the dots" with Number Nodes

Creating irregular edges

SVG Filters



Creating irregular edges using filters

Using lighting effects

Creating a red wax seal

Creating a brushed steel effect

Creating a water surface effect

Filtering all objects in a layer

Creating your own filter from scratch

Putting it All Together


Creating a wallpaper

Exporting a wallpaper in different formats

Hatching over a photo using the Calligraphy tool

Creating a coloring book using the Paint Bucket tool

Rail sleepers using markers

Creating a woven straw mat

Assembling a modern chair using the 3D Box tool

Creating a flow chart using connectors

Raster and Almost Raster


Exporting to PNG with different dpi

Importing raster images of different dpi

Isolating part of a raster image

Using raster extensions

Creating gradient meshes

Painting a mosaic using the Tweak tool

Tracing bitmaps

Manually tracing a red wax seal

Creating a photorealistic mobile phone

Web Graphics Preparation


Creating "Aqua" style buttons

Creating a reflection effect

Creating curled stickers

Creating a golden award with a ribbon

Repeating backgrounds using Tiled Clones

Creating a button to use with the CSS Sliding Doors technique

Creating rollover images

Creating small icons and favicons

Creating a 960 Grid System template

Creating a web page mockup

Slicing a web page mockup for website use

SVG in Websites


Creating an interactive map for a web game

Creating an editable business chart

Creating a navigation menu

Creating an interactive physics simulation

Creating a slideshow presentation with JessyInk

Draw Freely


Compiling the document metadata

Command-line interface (CLI)

Compiling development builds on Linux

Modifying an existing extension - Darker extended

Creating an extension - object guides