PacktLib: NetBeans IDE 7 Cookbook


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NetBeans Head First


Creating a Java Project Using Wizard

Creating libraries

Sharing libraries

Importing Projects from Eclipse

Importing existing Maven Projects

Basic IDE Usage


Creating a Java Project using Maven support

Creating a package

Creating a class

Running the main class

Debugging a class

Creating constructors

Generating toString(), equals(), and hashCode()

Generating getters and setters

Designing Desktop GUI Applications


Creating a Java Desktop Application

Creating a Frame

Creating a Panel

Adding Event Listeners

Connecting your Application to a Database

Creating a customized icon for your application

Making executable Java Desktop Applications

JDBC and NetBeans


Setting up with MySQL

Setting up with PostgreSQL

Setting up with Apache Derby/Java DB

Setting up with Oracle

Built-in SQL editor

Building Web Applications


Creating a web project using the wizard

Introduction to Java EE 6 using NetBeans

Adding JSF as a web framework

Using JSF as a web framework

Using Apache Struts as a web framework

Using GWT as a web framework

Using JavaFX


Creating a JavaFX Project

Build UI with NetBeans JavaFX Composer

Connecting JavaFX Application to Web Service

Connecting JavaFX Application to Database

Application States in JavaFX

EJB Application


Creating EJB project

Adding JPA support

Creating Stateless Session Bean

Creating Stateful Session Beans

Sharing a service through Web Service

Creating a web service client

Mobile Development


Creating CLDC/MIDP applications

Creating CDC applications

Using the Visual Mobile Designer

Beautifying your mobile application

Java Refactoring


Renaming elements

Moving elements

Extracting a superclass

Extracting an interface

Encapsulating fields

Extending the IDE


Creating a new project Wizard

Creating a new file wizard

Creating options panels

Profiling and Testing


Profiling Java code

Creating unit tests

Using SQE for improved code quality

Monitoring HTTP connections

Using the JMeter load generator

Version Control


Adding a project to Subversion

Checking in modifications

Working with a Subversion branch

Resolving conflicts in Subversion

Creating a Mercurial project

Cloning a Mercurial repository

Committing to a Mercurial project