PacktLib: Moodle 1.9 Top Extensions Cookbook

Moodle 1.9 Top Extensions Cookbook


About the Author

About the Reviewers


Getting Modular with Moodle


Getting modules you can trust

Adding modules to Moodle

Changing site-wide settings

Getting modules to speak your language

If it's not quite what you want...

Getting rid of modules

Allowing modules to access outside information

Adding Content


Adding video pages

Adding a Flash Video

Creating video blocks

Adding videos anywhere

Sharing image galleries

Working with books

Showing programming examples in Moodle

Getting geographical with the maps

Creating formulae easily

Connecting to the Outside World


Setting up the Translate Block

Allowing Moodle to access Google translator

In-course Web searching with Moogle

Allowing simple Web searches

Adding Wikipedia search to Moodle

Adding links to Wikipedia

Searching for Tweets

Getting Around In Moodle


An easy table of contents

A menu block with the works

A customizable menu block

An organized My Courses block

Finding a course by name

Getting between Related Courses

Improving accessibility

Effective Use of Space


Squeezing main page content into a block

Organizing tree-based content

Collapsing sections

Creating dynamic tabs

Simplifying single section display with tabs

Using monthly sections for longer courses

Combining online users and people

Assessing Students


Using peer assessment

Recording audio for assignments

Replacing paper submissions

Allowing students to contribute to assessment

Getting more out of quizzes

Giving immediate formative feedback

Recognizing high performers

Organizing Students


Allowing students to form groups

Identifying people

Time managing students

Surveying students

Encouraging Student Interaction


Sharing mindmaps

Encouraging social bookmarking

Getting students to shout

Promoting chatter

Finding active forums

Encouraging blogging

Informing Students


Geolocating students

Gauging course quality

Notifying announcements

Counting down

Keeping time

Handy Tools for Teachers


Cloning activities and resources

Searching for users

Measuring dedication

Getting user statistics

Just for Fun


Celebrating birthdays

Adding emotions

Theme swapping

Awarding certificates

Rewarding with gold stars

Playing games

Creating a game in a block