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Joomla! 1.5 JavaScript jQuery


About the Author

About the Reviewers


Let's Start Making a Better Site—Images

How Joomla! handles images by default

Adding a jQuery-powered image slideshow module

Image pop ups

Putting images together—image galleries

Tips and tricks


Site Content—Our Next Step

Basic concepts on Joomla! content

How Joomla! shows our articles to site visitors

Enhance your site content using JavaScript

Tips and tricks


Embedding Rich Media Features with Joomla! Plugins

Concept of plugin—what is a Joomla! plugin and how does it work?

Tips and tricks


One Last Look at Joomla! jQuery Modules

Limitations of Joomla! menu modules

Creative ways of placing login modules in our site


Refactoring Our Site


Removing unnecessary jQuery loads

What happens with jQuery UI

Removing MooTools

Tips and tricks


Getting Our Hands on Coding JavaScript

Adding movement to our site's header—Parallax effect

jQuery library jScrollPane

Adding useful tooltips


Creating Our Own Modules

Learning the basics of Joomla! module creation

Creating a "Send us a question" module

Making a better form using JavaScript


What could you check?

What to do next? Packing and installing the module


Building Complete Solutions, Modules, and Components

Working with the news rotator module

Creating the component base

How Joomla! helps us work with the database

Modifying our installer to create our table

Coding a basic admin zone

Inserting, editing, and deleting records in our admin zone

Showing our data in our module

Adding jQuery to our module—refreshing data using JavaScript


Going Further with Our Component Development

Adding a table paginator plugin to our admin zone

Textarea autogrow plugin

Working on our component's frontpage

Going back to the admin zone

Showing our images in the frontend

Adding a WYSIWYG editor to our component backend


Problems and Usability

What happens if JavaScript is disabled?

Using Firebug to help us in our development

Possible problems and solutions with jQuery

Optimizing CSS and JavaScript