PacktLib: Moodle 2.0 First Look

Moodle 2.0 First Look


About the Author

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What's New in Moodle 2

Why read this book?

Looks cleaner, moves faster

A new way of managing your content

More places to have your say

Existing activities updated and improved

Control your students' progress

Improved admin

How do we get Moodle 2.0?


Finding our way around (Navigation and Blocks)

Meet the cast

What does Moodle 2.0 look like?

What do users who are logged in see?

The Settings block

Navigating around a course

Named topic sections

What does a student see?

Configuring the navigation block

The Navigation bar ()

The course administration block

Managing blocks

Making a block sticky throughout our Moodle

Adding a block to a course category page

Adding a block to courses in one category

Teachers managing blocks in courses

Hiding blocks

Moving blocks


Editing Text and Managing Files

Typing and editing text in Moodle 2.0

Embedding multimedia in the HTML editor

Managing files

Uploading through the HTML editor

Where's our file on the front page?

Reusing a file in another course

Uploading a file from the Resource menu

Where's our file in the course?

What about "Course files"?

What about FTP?

Importing an image from Flickr

Private files—personal storage space

Sending work out of Moodle with the Portfolio API


What's new in Add a Resource

New look — new wording

Adding a file

Resource administration

Adding a folder

Uploading a folder to Moodle

Adding an IMS content package

Inserting a label

So what's new? Other options for our label




What's new in Add an Activity

Spot the difference...

Making a Moodle 2.0 quiz

Where do we go from here?

Creating questions for our quiz

What does the student see?

Making sure our students don't submit before they've answered all the questions

The teacher's perspective

Making more quizzes

Sharing questions between courses

Quiz reports

Recap on the Quiz

Making a Moodle 2.0 Wiki

Adding new pages

What's new in the tabs

Recap on the wiki

What's new in the Workshop

The set-up phase

The submission phase

The assessment phase

The grading evaluation phase

A glance in the gradebook

Recap on the workshop

Downloading assignments

A new forum type

Neater display of SCORM packages


Managing the Learning Path

Why would we want to do this?

What admin needs to do

What the course teacher needs to do

Setting up the tasks

Setting up the introductory webpage

Setting up the forum

Setting up the quiz

Setting a pass or fail grade condition

Setting up the Lesson

How can students track their progress?

What does a student see?

Differentiating with conditional activities

Differentiating with a forum post

Marking a course as "Complete"

Course Completion in Practice: Example 1

Course Completion in Practice: Example 2


Having your say

Blogs—before and after

Where's my blog?

The Blog Menu block

The Recent Blog Entries block

Course specific blogs

The blog tags block

Blog settings

Admin issues

Commenting on blogs

Recap—the blog in Moodle 2.0

Using the Comments block

Why comment on the course page?

Students comment on the usefulness of a resource

Teachers comment in private (1)

Teachers comment in private (2)

Students hold a dialogue during a workshop or Wiki

Recap the Comments block in Moodle 2.0

Moodle messaging

How do messages display?

Giving feedback

Giving feedback


Admin Issues

The navigation block

The Settings block

What's new in Users

What's new in Courses

What's new in Grades

What's new in Location

What's new in Plugins

What's new in security

What's new in appearance

What's new in Front page

What's new in server

What's new in networking

What's new in reports

Changes in Course administration