PacktLib: Joomla! 1.5 Top Extensions Cookbook

Joomla! 1.5 Top Extensions Cookbook


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Producing and Displaying News and Content


Adding a blog to your Joomla! site

Adding multiple sections, categories, and articles from a single screen

Adding a content slider to your front page

Making your featured articles sticky on the front page

Showing hot newsflash on the frontend

Adding an article slideshow on the Joomla! frontend

Using External Content


Adding a Google Map to an article

Displaying RSS content in Joomla!

Reading RSS feeds through Ajax

Displaying SlideShare presentations in Joomla!

Embedding Google documents in Joomla! content

Embedding PDF documents in articles

Adding a map directory

Sharing Content


Adding social bookmarking to a Joomla! site

Adding a "FOLLOW ME ON" badge

Sending tweets automatically upon publishing articles

Auto-compiling and e-mailing selected articles to subscribers

Sending newsletters to subscribers

Building newsletters with Joomla! articles

Managing Events and Calendars


Adding an event calendar to your Joomla! site

Showing your Google calendar on your Joomla! site

Adding a booking system for events

Using Contacts and Feedback


Adding a guestbook to your site

Adding comments to Joomla! content

Extending the "contact us" form

Adding an Ajax contact form with custom fields

Building a database application without coding

Enhancing Communication


Adding a chat service to your Joomla! site

Adding an Ajax Shoutbox

Adding a forum to your Joomla! site

Adding a private messaging system

Using Communities and Groupware


Extending user profiles with custom fields

Adding project management to Joomla!

Using Photos and Images


Creating thumbnails in articles

Creating a photo gallery inside an article

Adding a dynamic photo gallery

Adding a Flash photo gallery

Adding an Ajax image slideshow

Enriching your Site with Multimedia


Displaying a multimedia file in a Joomla! article

Adding a simple Flash video player

Adding an MP3 browser to your Joomla! site

Building a Directory and Documentation


Creating an alphabetical list of your sections, categories, and articles

Building a Yellow Pages-like directory

Building a document repository

Adding an attachment to an article

Using Languages


Adding a language to your site

Translating language files for your site

Translating your site's content using Google's translation service

Manually translating your site's content into your desired language

Adding Ads, an Affiliate System, and E-commerce


Improving banner ads on your site

Showing classified ads

Using Google AdSense

Using ads within your content

Adding a simple shop to your Joomla! site

Managing Structure and Navigation


Adding a drop-down menu

Adding a FishEye menu

Adding a Flash menu

Adding a quick jump menu

Adding a tree menu

Adding an image menu

Adding a sliding menu

Generating a site map based on the menu structure

Working with Style and Design


Creating reusable content templates

Viewing an external website in a Lightbox

Publishing modules as tabs

Using tabs and slides in content

Managing the Site


Adding Google Analytics to your Joomla! site

Implementing SEF URLs for your Joomla! site

Showing a visitor counter on your Joomla! site

Viewing user statistics on your Joomla! site

Watching visitor activity in real time

Enhancing the Core, Search, and Indexing


Browsing and managing files on your Joomla! host

Automatically updating Joomla! to a newer version

Adding an Ajax search module to your Joomla! site

Adding tags to your Joomla! content

Converting, Migrating, and Bridging


Exporting site content to another site running the same or different versions of Joomla!

Migrating site content from Joomla! 1.0 to 1.5

Importing users from a CSV file

Integrating Joomla! with phpBB

Managing Access and Security


Using Captcha on a user registration form

Using Captcha on a contact and password reset form

Implementing an ACL in the frontend and backend

Auditing the security settings of your Joomla! site

Creating a site backup that can be restored in any other Joomla! site

Restoring or cloning a Joomla! site

Enhancing Administration and Other


Better previewing of site content

Scheduling an administrative task

Using custom icons for the administration control panel

Adding custom code inside Joomla! content

Adding the FCK editor to Joomla!