PacktLib: WordPress 3.0 jQuery

Wordpress 3.0 jQuery


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Getting Started: WordPress and jQuery

This book's approach

Core fundamentals you need to know

Essential tools

jQuery background and essentials

WordPress background and essentials

jQuery and WordPress: Putting it all together


Working with jQuery in WordPress

Getting jQuery into WordPress

Keeping conflicts out!

Launching a jQuery script

Our first WordPress and jQuery setup

jQuery secret weapon #1: Using selectors and filters

jQuery secret weapon #2: Manipulating CSS and elements in the DOM

jQuery secret weapon #3: Events and effects (aka: the icing on the cake)

Making it all easy with statement chaining

Our First Project: Expanding/collapsing WordPress posts


Digging Deeper: Understanding jQuery and WordPress Together

Two ways to "plugin" jQuery into a WordPress site

The basics of a WordPress theme

The basics of a WordPress plugin

The basics of a jQuery plugin

Putting it all together: Edit the theme or create a custom plugin?


Doing a Lot More with Less: Making Use of Plugins for Both jQuery and WordPress

The project overview: Seamless event registration

Part 1: Getting everything set up

Part 2: Form validation—make sure that what's submitted is right

Final thoughts and project wrap up: It's all about graceful degrading


jQuery Animation within WordPress

jQuery animation basics

Grabbing the user's attention

Delving deeper into animation


WordPress and jQuery's UI

Getting to know jQuery's UI plugin

Enhancing effects with jQuery UI

Enhancing the user interface of your WordPress site


AJAX with jQuery and WordPress

What AJAX is and isn't: A quick primer

AJAX: It's better with jQuery

Getting started with jQuery's AJAX functionality

Project: Ajaxifying posts

.getJSON: The littlest birds get the most re-tweets

Project: Ajax-izing the built-in comment form


Tips and Tricks for Working with jQuery and WordPress

Keep a code arsenal

jQuery tips and tricks for working in WordPress

WordPress tips and tricks for optimal jQuery enhancements


Appendix: jQuery and WordPress Reference Guide

Appendix: jQuery and WordPress Reference Guide

Appendix: jQuery and WordPress Reference Guide

Appendix: jQuery and WordPress Reference Guide