PacktLib: DotNetNuke 5.4 Cookbook

DotNetNuke 5.4 Cookbook


About the Author

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Installation and Setup


Downloading the Microsoft Web Platform Installer

Installing SQLServer Express

Downloading and installing the DotNetNuke package

Running the DotNetNuke installation

Setting the site name and information

Choosing a skin for the site

Choosing a container for the site

Adding a module to a page

Installing standard DNN modules

Downloading an extension (skin or module)

Installing a new extension

Managing Users and Site Setup


Enabling user registration for your site

Creating users and granting access

Creating and assigning security roles

Granting access to modules

Banning and deleting users

Managing profile properties

Creating and organizing pages

Using the Recycle Bin

Setting up a SMTP server with Gmail

Easy Tricks with Existing Modules


Using the HTML module

Creating an announcement

Distributing documents online

Publishing a Newsletter

Creating a calendar of events

Creating a Wiki

Publishing sets of popular links

Displaying RSS news feeds

Configuring RSS news feeds

Publishing a simple report

Publishing a survey questionnaire

Creating your Own Modules


Installing Visual Web Developer 2010 Express

Viewing the database from Web Developer

Installing the DNN 5 Starter Kit

Creating a new module with the Starter Kit

Creating a database table with keys

Creating stored procedures

Connecting a module to the database

Creating an uninstall script

Building, Debugging, and Deploying Modules


Building a View control

Building an Edit control

Editing the Manifest File

Building for release or debug

Deploying a module as a standalone package

Downloading the DNN 5 source code

Setting up a debugging environment

Preparing a module for debugging

Setting a breakpoint and stepping through module code

Creating a Manifest from an installed module

Data Entry Tricks


Displaying labels from the resource file

Creating collapsible panels

Populating a drop-down list from a DNN list

Populating a drop-down list from a stored procedure

Displaying a Datagrid with filter controls

Adding a paging control to a Datagrid

Cool Web Controls


Adding web controls to your Toolbox

Showing an e-mail link in an Datagrid

Showing checkboxes in a Datagrid

Showing a thumbnail image in a Datagrid

Creating labels you can edit

Suggest text while typing

Showing data in a Treeview

Using a TabStrip to separate content

Using a CAPTCHA control for security

Creating a multi-state checkbox

Basic Skinning


Downloading and installing a skin

Creating a simple HTML skin

Creating a simple ASCX skin

Deploying your skins and containers

Exploring Skin Objects

Creating a simple HTML container

Creating a basic ASCX container

Creating custom container images

Styling a container with images

Styling a menu with images

Working with Foreign Languages


Downloading and installing a language pack

Creating a bilingual site with a single portal

Editing the language resource file

Creating your own module translations

Determining controls that need translations

Localizing labels, titles, panels, and links

Localizing a drop-down list with a stored procedure

Localizing a drop-down list with a DNN list

Localizing a stored procedure

Localizing a DataGrid control

Advanced Tricks with Existing Modules


Using the HTML module with jQuery

Using the HTML module with replacement tokens

Using the HTML module with Flash

Displaying an XML feed

Controlling the friendly URL rewriting

Tracking your site with Google Analytics

Publishing calendar events as an RSS feed

Designing your own forms

Styling your own forms

Challenging Custom Modules


Making modules searchable

Exporting module data

Importing module data

Exporting and importing user defined tables

Creating custom module actions

Using HTML in your manifest

Deploying a new module version

Using multiple database connections

Advanced Modules and Security


Creating a secondary View control

Controlling navigation with NavigateURL

Displaying module messages and event logging

Creating your own CBO Hydrator

Using Active Directory with DNN

Synchronizing Security Roles with DNN

Correcting Active Directory issues

Advanced Skinning


Using the Rotator widget

Using the Visibility widget

Using the Stylesheet widget

Creating and deploying a custom widget

Using a custom widget in a skin

Using the rounded corner Super Stylesheet

Showing portal settings in a skin

Adding animation to a menu