PacktLib: Magento 1.4 Development Cookbook

Magento 1.4 Development Cookbook


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Getting Started with Magento Development


Preparing the platform with a virtual host

Setting up a Subversion/SVN

Getting the latest copy of Magento with the SVN checkout

Setting up MySQL tools

Setting up a Magento project with NetBeans

Working with Magento code

CMS and Design


Adding a home link to the menu bar

Changing any page title in Magento

Customizing a Magento error page

Adding AdWords tracking code to order confirmation page in Magento

Adding a custom CMS layout template

Adding an RSS feed (last five tweets!)

Placing the trusty old contact form in CMS

Integrating JW Image Rotator 3.17 in Magento

Adding Extra Functionalities


Integrating WordPress in Magento

Creating a new page

Adding jQuery support

Adding Lightbox2 in Magento

Adding an accepted payment banner at the footer

Customizing a Store


Creating a custom "Twitter handle" field in a registration form

Deleting orders in Magento

Using Google Website Optimizer

Creating a custom variable and using its own e-mail templates

Using Google analytics for Magento

Creating Catalog and Shopping Cart Price Rules

Creating a featured product and showing it in the home page

Creating a custom admin theme

Playing with Products


Setting up the Catalog defaults

Adding a Facebook 'Like' button in product page

Setting up Table Rates shipping

Adding a product to the cart through Querystring

Creating a configurable product

Embedding a YouTube video in product details

Adding a Professional Touch to Your Site


Installing Magento 1.4 in PHP 5.3.2 (without mcrypt)

Optimizing Magento store for search engines

Implementing PayPal Website Payments Pro and Express Checkout into Magento

Preventing a CSRF attack in Magento

Database Design


Resources and database connections

Magento database replication using Master Slave setup

Using the Magento’s Singleton method

Repairing the Magento database

Working with Magento’s EAV design

Creating a Module


Creating an empty module with a Module Creator

Creating the required directories

Activating a module

Creating a controller for the module

Creating a configuration XML file for the module

Creating a helper for the News module

Creating models for the module

Setting up SQL for the News module

Designing a template for the News module

Adding required blocks for the News module

Creating a Shipping Module


Initializing module configuration

Writing an adapter model

Adding a module in backend

Adding a module in frontend

Writing a Social Widget


Creating an empty module and an enabler file

Creating a config file and declaring the widgets

Writing the default module helper Data.php

Creating a source model for services multi select in widget configuration

Creating frontend block for our widget

Creating templates

Performance Optimization


Measuring/benchmarking your Magento with Siege, ab, Magento profiler, YSlow, Page Speed, GTmetrix, and WebPagetest

Optimizing Magento database and MySQL configuration

Optimizing Apache web server configuration

Tuning Magento configurations

Using APC/Memcached as the cache backend

Accelerating PHP: php.ini configuration

Applying YSlow and Page Speed rules

Debugging and Unit Testing


Installing and configuring Xdebug

Using FirePHP with Zend Wildfire plugin

Installing PHPUnit and necessary PHP CLI binaries

Writing your first Magento test case