PacktLib: Joomla! 1.5 Templates Cookbook

Joomla! 1.5 Templates Cookbook


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Joomla! Theming Basics


Finding the current default template

Locating Joomla! templates in your website's hierarchy

Understanding Joomla! templates

Changing your template's color variation

Adding a color variation

Changing your template's logo

Selecting the default Joomla! template

Editing the HTML template in the administration panel

Editing CSS in the administration panel

Custom Joomla! Templates


Installing a Joomla! template

Understanding Joomla! template positions

Understanding jdoc statements

Understanding the templateDetails.xml file

Styling for component.php

Adding a custom favicon to your template

Styling Joomla! error messages

Styling Joomla! error pages

Theming the Details


Styling the search module

Styling the search component

Using template overrides in your Joomla! template

Customizing the breadcrumb

Styling pagination

Linking back to the top of your page

Adding a random background image to your Joomla! template

Custom Page Templates


Understanding Module Chrome in Joomla!

Customizing the error page in Joomla!

Creating a custom site offline page

Styling Joomla! for Print


Starting your print stylesheet

Adding a print stylesheet to Joomla!

Typography for your Joomla! print stylesheet

Styling the layout of your Joomla! template for print

Styling content for print

Styling links for print

Preventing common bugs in print style

Joomla! Admin Templates


Understanding Joomla! administrator templates

Installing a Joomla! administrator template

Changing the administrator template

Changing the logo in an administrator template

Changing the colors in the administration panel

Securing the administrator URL

Changing the icons on the Joomla! administrator dashboard

Joomla! administrator template icon graphics

Social Media and Joomla!


Integrating Twitter with Joomla!

Integrating AddThis social bookmarking tool with your Joomla! template

Embedding YouTube and other videos in your Joomla! website

Configuring the DisQus Comments extension for Joomla!

Integrating Facebook into your Joomla! website

Styling Joomla! for Mobiles


Adding an iPhone icon

Designing stylesheets for mobile devices

Specifying a separate stylesheet for mobile browsers

Creating a mobile stylesheet

Installing the MobileJoomla! extension

Joomla! and JavaScript


Including a JavaScript file in your Joomla! template

Tips and tricks for minimizing page load time when using JavaScript

Maximizing backward compatibility with JavaScript

Providing Internet Explorer 6 with transparent PNG support in your Joomla! template

Installing the jQuery JavaScript library in Joomla!

Creating an image slideshow with JavaScript in Joomla!

Miscellaneous Joomla! Templating


Comparing your template across different browsers

Validating your template's (X)HTML

Validating your template's CSS

Using conditional stylesheets in Joomla!

Fixing the double-margin bug (in Internet Explorer) in Joomla!

Installing Google Analytics

Joomla! Output Overrides

Joomla! Output Overrides

Joomla! Output Overrides

Joomla! Output Overrides

Joomla! Output Overrides