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Alfresco 3 Cookbook


About the Author

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Getting Started


Alfresco products

Setting up a database for Alfresco

Installing Alfresco on Windows

Installing Alfresco on Linux

Running Alfresco for the first time

Creating and Organizing Contents


Creating a space

Creating content

Uploading a document

Viewing content details

Tagging a document

Categorizing content

Making a document versionable

Securing and Searching Contents


Creating users

Creating groups

Adding users into groups

Securing your folders

Securing your files

Searching in Alfresco

Performing normal search

Performing advanced search

Using saved search

Rules—the Smart Spaces


Understanding the components of a rule

Creating and applying rules

Understanding possible actions of a rule

Alfresco Administration Console


Managing system users

Managing user groups

Managing categories

Exporting Alfresco content packages

Using the Alfresco Node Browser

Configuring the Alfresco Dashboard

Customizing Alfresco Web Client


Changing the default view of Items in Space contents

Alfresco Content Model


Creating new custom content type

Alfresco JavaScript API


Writing and executing scripts

Add/Change contents of a document

Creating a backup copy of a document

Adding a tag to a document

Assigning permissions to a user

Debugging Alfresco JavaScript

FreeMarker Templates


Creating a FreeMarker template

Displaying all documents in current space

Displaying all versions of a particular document

Displaying all assigned tasks of the current user

Displaying all spaces and sub-spaces recursively

Web Scripts


Writing and deploying Web Scripts

Using the Alfresco Web Script browser

Displaying details of documents

Sending e-mails using a mail template

Working with Workflows


Invoking a workflow

Creating and deploying custom workflows

Using the Alfresco Workflow Console

Integrating with MS Outlook and MS Office


Integrating Alfresco with Microsoft Outlook

Integrating Alfresco with MS Outlook

Configuring Alfresco E-Mail and File Servers


Configuring Alfresco to send e-mails

Sending e-mails via JavaScript API

Configuring Alfresco to receive e-mails

Configure and use Alfresco file servers

Building Alfresco


Installing Subversion client - TortoiseSVN

Downloading Alfresco's source code

Compiling and building Alfresco

Running Alfresco on your machine