PacktLib: Moodle 1.9 for Design and Technology

Moodle 1.9 for Design and Technology


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Setting Up a Basic Moodle Site for Design Technology (DT)

Setting up Moodle Virtual Learning Environment

Creating a new course

Adding static resources to your Moodle site

Adding instructions with the web page resource

Adding interactivity to the basic Moodle site

Assessing student progress

Managing student participation with Moodle generated reports

Setting up your Moodle environment


Organizing Information using Moodle Modules

Preparing for market research

Organization of research using the Database module


Encouraging Reflective Practices using Forums and Blogs

Engaging in reflective practices using blogs

Engaging in reflective practices using forums

Creating galleries to track student progress

Individual Learning Plan (ILP)


Exploring Design Portfolios

Exploring the Exabis portfolio

Exploring the MyStuff portfolio


Testing Students' Knowledge using Moodle Modules

Implementing a glossary

Mapping their minds

Quizzing their understanding


Helping your Students Gather Data about their Potential Markets

Encouraging students to perform SWOT analysis

Collecting user feedback with the Feedback module

Using the DimDim interactive tool


Adding Multimedia Resources to your Moodle Site

Using the Lesson module to construct media-rich content

Distributing interactive materials using the SCORM standard

Creating your own learning materials using myUdutu

Other options for multimedia creation


Assessing Student Progress

Using the assignments module to gauge student progress

Creating a progress bar summary

Staff support


Tracking Progress with the Gradebook

Configuring the gradebook for your site

Assessing and using the gradebook

Viewing your student grades