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Compiere 3


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Evaluating the Compiere System

When do you look at Compiere

Compiere's core ERP functionality

Integrated advanced ERP functionality

Critical ERP decision factors

Do you evaluate Compiere differently because it is open source?

Compiere editions

Getting more information


The Initial Compiere Setup

Compiere Terminology

Compiere setup overview

The Compiere menu and windows

Initial set-up process

Understanding Unit of Measures (UOM) and conversions

Document sequences

Creating a user

Set up roles


Customers and the Sales Process

The Sales Overview

Defining your business partners

Sales order to invoice processing

Order and invoicing reports


Product and Material Management

The product definition

Material Management


Procurement Management

The Procurement flow

Matching the Purchase Order, Receipt, and Invoice

Vendor payments

Returns to vendors

Compiere accounting for Procurement

Procurement reports


Compiere Financial Management

Accounting terminology in Compiere

Understanding the accounting entry

Accounting setup flow

Accounting info view

Open item management

Cash management and banking reconciliation

Unposted documents

Financial reporting


Advanced Aspects

The Compiere Application Dictionary (AD)

Setting up a Compiere menu item

Adding a new field to a window and database

Setting up a basic approval workflow


Project Planning for Go-Live and Beyond

Managing people (and the project) for success

Technical and infrastructure go-live

The go-live milestone

Post implementation

Keeping up-to-date: Compiere migration