PacktLib: Koha 3 Library Management System

Koha 3 Library Management System


About the Authors

About the Reviewers


Installing the Software Stack

An orientation to Koha's installation

Preparing for installation

Installing Koha's software stack


Configuring the Apache2 Web Server

Understanding Apache2 configuration

Preparing for Apache2 configuration

Configuring Apache2 web server

Troubleshooting configuration problems


Installing Koha's Zebra Search Engine

About Zebra

Koha's Zebra related components

Installing Zebra

Testing Zebra

Using Koha without Zebra


Koha's Web Installer, Crontab, and Other Server Configurations

Executing Koha's web installer

Configuring the crontab

Ensuring Koha starts automatically on server reboot

Configuring the correct SAX parser

Setting up environment variables for the Linux shell


Configuring the Cataloging Module

A first look at Koha's cataloging configuration tools

Preparing a configuration plan

Implementing our configuration plan

Configuring MARC frameworks


Configuring the Circulation Module

Patron categories

Item types

Circulation and fine rules

Configuring the calendar and calculation of due date and fines

Due and overdue notices

Configuring holds


Configuring Other System Preferences

Understanding Koha's system preferences

Configuring transactional modules

Configuring OPAC preferences

Configuring styling and appearance

Configuring general preferences


Test Driving Your Koha Installation

Patrons—create, search, and view patron record

Cataloging—create, search, and view bibliographic and item record

Circulation—check-out, check-in, and view circulation history

Acquisitions—create an order, receive shipment, and view budget utilization

Serials—creating a subscription and receiving the first issue

Reports—creating a guided report and executing it

OPAC—running a catalog search


Migrating Catalog Data

An orientation to migrating catalog data

Preparing to migrate catalog data

Migrating catalog data



Where to get help—community resources

Common problems

Problems with Internet Explorer


Updating Software

Orientation to updating software

Updating the software

Zebra—rebuilding indexes and restarting the server


Customizing Koha Software

An orientation to customizing Koha software

Customizing Koha software—an example

Committing changes

Create a patch using Git

Sending the patch to Koha's release manager


Advanced Topics

Creating and using matching rules for use during catalog imports

Understanding matching rules

Determining search indexes

More information and examples

Using LDAP with Koha

Multiple OPAC interfaces

Installing new languages

Setting up a public Z39.50 server