PacktLib: Django JavaScript Integration: AJAX and jQuery

Django JavaScript Integration: AJAX and jQuery



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jQuery and Ajax Integration in Django

Ajax and the XMLHttpRequest object

A look at Django

Setting JavaScript and other static content in place


jQuery—the Most Common JavaScript Framework

jQuery and basic Ajax

jQuery Ajax facilities

jQuery as a virtual higher-level language

A closure-based example to measure clock skew

Case study: A more in-depth application


Validating Form Input on the Server Side

The standard lecture: low-level validation

The Django way of validation

Validation as demanding that assumptions be met

Making assumptions and demanding that users conform

Better validation may be less validation


Server-side Database Search with Ajax

Searching on the client side and server side

Handling databases through Django models

Models for an intranet employee photo directory

Searching our database

A tour of Django persistence facilities


Signing Up and Logging into a Website Using Ajax administrative functions called once project-specific functions, including our @ajax_login_required decorator functions that render web pages

style.css: basic styling for usability

search.html: a template for client-side Ajax

The Django admin interface


jQuery In-place Editing Using Ajax

Including a plugin

A template handling the client-side requirements


Using jQuery UI Autocomplete in Django Templates

Adding autocomplete: first attempt

A real-world workaround

Refining our solution further


Django ModelForm: a CSS Makeover

"Hello, world!" in ModelForm

Expanding and customizing the example

Customizing ModelForm pages' appearance

Going under ModelForm's hood

An excellent "stupid" question: where's the e-mail slot?


Database and Search Handling

Moving forward to an AHAH solution


Tinkering Around: Bugfixes, Friendlier Password Input, and a Directory That Tells Local Time

Minor tweaks and bugfixes

Handling password input in a slightly different way

A directory that includes local timekeeping


Usability for Hackers

Usability begins with anthropology… and Django hackers have a good start on anthropology

Anthropological usability techniques

Focus groups: cargo cult research for usability

Anthropological observation: the bedrock of usability

Applying this foundation to usability

It's just like (hard) debugging

Lessons from other areas

Understanding the user

Python and usability

What to do in the concrete

Further reading


Debugging Hard JavaScript Bugs

Debugging Hard JavaScript Bugs

Debugging Hard JavaScript Bugs

Debugging Hard JavaScript Bugs