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Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Development Cookbook


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Processing Data


Creating a new number sequence

Renaming the primary key

Merging two records

Adding document handling notes

Using a normal table as temporary table

Copying a record

Building a query object

Using a macro in a SQL statement

Executing a direct SQL statement

Enhancing the data consistency check

Exporting to an XML file

Importing from an XML file

Creating a comma-separated value file

Reading a comma-separated value file

Deleting all company transactional data

Working with Forms


Creating Dialogs

Handling dialog events

Creating dynamic menu buttons

Building dynamic form

Adding form splitters

Creating modal forms

Changing common form appearance

Storing last form values

Using tree controls

Building checklists

Adding a "Go to the Main Table Form" link

Modifying the User setup form

Modifying application version

Working with Data in Forms


Handling number sequences

Creating custom filters

Creating custom instant search filters

Building selected/available lists

Preloading images

Creating wizards

Creating default data wizards

Processing multiple records

Coloring records

Adding images to records

Building Lookups


Creating an automatic lookup

Creating a lookup dynamically

Using a form for lookup building

Building a tree lookup

Displaying a list of custom options

Another way of displaying custom options

Building a lookup based on record description

Browsing for folders

Selecting a file

Picking a color

Choosing a font

Processing Business Tasks


Creating new general journals

Posting general journals

Processing project journals

Creating and posting ledger vouchers

Changing automatic transaction text

Creating purchase orders

Posting purchase orders

Creating sales orders

Posting sales orders

Creating company-specific document layout

Creating electronic payment format

Building a "Display dimensions" dialog

Integration with Microsoft Office


Creating Excel files

Reading Excel files

Creating Word documents from templates

Creating configuration documents using Word

Exporting data to Microsoft Project

Sending email using Outlook