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Apache OFBiz Cookbook


About the Author

About the Reviewers


Getting Started


Getting the project code

Getting code from the Subversion repository

Fixing IP port collision errors

The JAVA_HOME setting

"Class Not Found" errors

Installation verification

SSL verification

Running JUnit tests

Locating an OFBiz Component

Locating an OFBiz Application

Java Development


Java runtime CLASSPATH

Java compile time CLASSPATH

Naming conventions

Writing OFBiz Java Events

Writing OFBiz Java Services

Debugging using the logfile

Calling OFBiz Services from a Java program

Getting and validating request parameters (Events)

Getting and validating request parameters (Services)

Managing error messages

Using Java properties files

Sending e-mail from an OFBiz Event or Service

Handling XML files

The User Interface


Creating HTML web pages

Adding actions to Screen widgets

HTML markup in Screen widgets

CSS styling in Screen widgets

Platform-specific widgets

OFBiz Tree widgets

OFBiz Menu widgets

OFBiz Form widgets

Creating web pages using FreeMarker

Passing Screen widget parameters to FreeMarker

Calling Java methods from FreeMarker

Forcing FreeMarker to render HTML markup

Uploading files in FreeMarker forms

OFBiz Services


Managing existing OFBiz Services

Calling a Service from an HTML form

Calling asynchronous Services from HTML forms

Calling a Service many times from an HTML form

Creating a new Service definition file

Creating a new Service definition

Implementing Services

Defining Service attributes (INPUT/OUTPUT)

Service Event Condition Actions

Service groups

Handling Service errors

Writing Groovy Services

Mail Event Condition Actions

Entity Event Condition Actions

The OFBiz Entity Engine


Changing the default database

Connecting to a remote database

Connecting to multiple databases

Creating entity groups

Disabling automatic database checks

Mapping database data types

Creating a new entity model

Modifying an existing entity model

Building a view-entity

OFBiz Security


Securing communications ports

Disabling demonstration user accounts

Protecting OFBiz web pages

Creating user accounts

Protecting applications using security groups

Protecting views ("Tarpitting")

Retrieving forgotten passwords

Changing your password

Adding or changing SSL certificates

OFBiz single sign-on and the external login key



Cache maintenance

Changing debug settings

Exporting database data to XML documents

Loading database(s) from XML documents

Managing internationalization labels

Using the SQL processor

Exploring the entity reference tool

Viewing OFBiz usage statistics

Uncovering artifact information

Working with temporal expressions

Web Services


Requesting web services using URL parameters

Requesting web services using an HttpClient

Creating HttpClients and passing XML documents

Creating XML-RPC web service clients

Becoming an XML-RPC web service provider

OFBiz SOAP messaging clients

Generating a WSDL document

Creating SOAP-compliant web services

OFBiz Tips and Tricks


Fixing Java memory allocation errors

Reloading OFBiz seed and demo data

Creating new seed data files

Changing the administrative user's password

Creating a new administrative user

Getting the OFBiz version number

Building an OFBiz instance

Building a single OFBiz Component

Creating a new OFBiz Component or Application

Creating a FreeMarker transform

Preparing data using Groovy

Pop-up new browser windows

Installing an OFBiz Visual Theme

Creating an OFBiz Visual Theme

Entity Engine by Example

Entity Engine by Example

Entity Engine by Example

Entity Engine by Example

Entity Engine by Example

Entity Engine by Example

Entity Engine by Example

Entity Engine by Example

Entity Engine by Example

Entity Engine by Example