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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Administration



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Setting up the Environment for Dynamics NAV

Considerations for deploying Dynamics NAV


Installing Dynamics NAV

Installing a Classic client

Installing a C/SIDE database server

Preparing a Microsoft SQL Server database for Dynamics NAV installation

Connecting a Dynamics NAV client (Classic) to the NAV Classic database server

Connecting a Dynamics NAV client (Classic) to a Microsoft SQL Server database

Installing the RoleTailored client for Dynamics NAV

Installing the Dynamics NAV server (the middle-tier component)

Connecting a RoleTailored client to the database


Integrating Dynamics NAV with the Microsoft Platform

Integrating Dynamics NAV and the Microsoft Office system


Securing Dynamics NAV Applications

Security with SQL Server installation

Dynamics NAV security models

Users, logins, and passwords

Roles and permissions

Sarbanes Oxley compl´╗┐iance


Backing up and Restoring a Dynamics NAV Database

Creating and restoring backups using a Dynamics NAV client

Using HotCopy backup

Testing the database

Backing up and restoring with SQL Server

Synchronizing a SQL database

Expanding the database

Things to consider while defining the backup strategy


Performance Tuning

Configuring a SQL Server database for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Writing less expensive C/AL code for customizations

Fine-tuning the SQL Server database for Dynamics NAV

Investigating the performance of the database


Setting up Periodic Activities, Stylesheets, and Rapid Implementation Methodology

Job Queue

Managing stylesheets in Dynamics NAV

Rapid Implementation Methodology


Updating Objects and Virtualization with Dynamics NAV

Objects in NAV

Virtualization with Dynamics NAV


Business Intelligence

Importance of Business Intelligence

Dynamics NAV and Business Intelligence

Reporting capabilities in NAV