PacktLib: TYPO3 4.3 Multimedia Cookbook

TYPO3 4.3 Multimedia Cookbook


About the Author

About the Reviewers


Getting Started


Setting up a web server on Debian

Setting up a multithreaded environment

Setting up a web server on Windows

Creating a scalable architecture

Setting up an NFS share

Setting up TYPO3

Installing needed extensions

Creating a template for a site

Managing Digital Assets

Setting up a file structure

Setting up a filemount

Setting up rights for backend users

Setting up FTP access

Setting up a category tree

Creating a frontend upload form

Debugging code

Operating with Metadata in Media Files

Inserting metadata into images

Extracting metadata from images

Inserting metadata into audio

Extracting metadata from audio

Extracting metadata from PDF

Rendering Images

Rendering images using content elements

Embedding images in RTE

Rendering images using TypoScript

Rendering links to files using tags

Creating a gallery using ce_gallery

Rendering metadata from a DAM object

Rendering Video and Audio

Rendering video using media content object

Rendering audio using media content object

Rendering audio and video using media TypoScript object

Rendering audio and video using content elements and rgmediaimages extension

Extending the media content object for more rendering options

Using custom media player to play video

Connecting to Flash Media Server to play video

Connecting to External APIs


Getting files from Amazon S3

Creating Services

Extracting metadata from OpenOffice documents

Processing audio using a service

Converting a video to FLV upon import

Converting audio using services

Building an audioConversion service

Automating Processes

Adding FTP access to the media repository

Indexing downloaded files

Setting up indexing rules

Categorizing files by geolocation