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TYPO3 Templates


About the Author


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Getting Started

Basic requirements

How templates were created

Introducing TemplaVoila!

Installing TemplaVoila

Creating a basic HTML template

Creating your first template with the TemplaVoila Wizard

The page tree

If something didn't work right

Adding content to our front page


Enhancing your Template with CSS

Creating a basic stylesheet

Including stylesheets in TYPO3

Using default markup in TYPO3


Adding Custom Template Fields

Modifying the page metadata

Adding a banner

Adding the date to our template

Loading the date and time from the TypoScript template

Adding a dynamic logo


Creating Flexible Menus

Page tree concepts

Introducing HMENU

Types of menu objects

Menu item states

HMENU properties

Common menu item properties

Introducing text-based menus

Adding separators to menu items

Redesigning the text-based menus

Introducing graphic menus

Introducing GIFBUILDER

GMENU properties

Creating our first graphic menu

Creating a graphic menu with boxes

Using external images for menus

Other types of menus

Breadcrumb navigation

Pulling it all together


Creating Multiple Templates

Creating new templates with sidebars

Assigning a new template to our pages

Creating icons for templates

Assigning templates to subpages

Creating an extension template

Creating a printable template

Creating a printable link


Creating a Template from Scratch

Designing the template

Creating the HTML template

Creating the data structure

Creating data structure elements

Mapping the template object

Creating a folder in the page tree

Setting the TypoScript values

Creating an example page


Customizing the Backend Editing

Updating the rich text editor

Customizing the Page module

Setting a backend layout for a data structure with multiple template objects

Using backend layout files for template objects

Using static data structures in TemplaVoila 1.4.2


Working with Flexible Content Elements

Introducing flexible content elements

Creating our first flexible content element

Creating a flexible HTML wrapper

Creating a multi-column layout element

Extending the multi-column layout element

Creating a product display element


Creating a Mobile Website

Introducing conditions

Testing browser compatibility

Creating a mobile version of your website

Adding a non-mobile link

Creating a mobile subtemplate

Redirecting to an external mobile site


Going International

Introduction to internationalization and localization

Adding localization to a website

Adding localization to pages

Translating content

Adding a basic language menu

Building Websites with the TemplaVoila Framework

What is the TemplaVoila Framework?

Benefits of the TemplaVoila Framework

The TemplaVoila Framework workflow

Installing the TemplaVoila Framework

Setting up QuickSite for the first time

Planning with the wireframe skin

Designing the page layouts

Utility FCEs

Creating a custom skin

Editing a skin

Adding special functionality

Adding content


TYPO3 Templates summary