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Get Started with Flash in Joomla!

Why use Flash in Joomla!?

Creating Flash objects

Some tools for working with Flash

Setting up the development environment


Enhance Your Joomla! Content with Flash

Have a look at the site!

Adding slideshows

Showing Flash in modules

Adding Flash movies using Simple Video Flash Player


Creating Attractive Menus with Flash

The existing Joomla! menu system

Making menus attractive using Flash


Creating Flash Photo Galleries

Building Flash photo galleries


Flashier than Ever: Maps, Charts, Custom Fonts, Multimedia, and More

Showing maps using YOS amMap

Showing charts using YOS amChart

Showing the content in any font using sIFR

Using Flash uploader

Creating a streaming media site

Adding Flash MP3 players

Visual mind mapping with Joom!FreeMind


Flash Decorations: Flashy Templates, Headers, Banners, and Tickers

Adding Flash in templates

Using Flash logos

Using Flash headers

Using Flash banners

Flash tickers


Playing with Code

Using Joomla! content in Flash

Developing Flash content using J-AMFPHP

Ensuring accessibility of Flash content


Troubleshoot Your Applications

Issues related to Joomla!

Issues related to Flash

Issues related to individual extensions


Resources for Joomla! and Flash

Resources for Joomla! and Flash

Resources for Joomla! and Flash

Resources for Joomla! and Flash