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Joomla! 1.5 SEO


About the Author

About the Reviewers


Developing your SEO and Keyword Strategy

Setting up your SEO strategy

The tools of the trade

Choosing the right key words


Optimizing Site Structure

Optimizing your site structure for SEO


Improve Joomla! SEO with the Joomlatwork SEF Patch

Downloading and installing the Joomlatwork patch

Make your titles more keyword rich

Improve your pages' metadata

Control how search engines index your site

Upgrade, uninstall, or modify the patch

Some other changes from the patch

The Joomlatwork SEF component


How to Write Keyword-rich Articles

Importance of writing with keywords

Writing with keywords in mind

Optimizing your articles

Using headlines in the best way

Using the metadata fields to your advantage


Joomla! Blogging and RSS Feeds

How is blogging good for SEO?

Setting up Joomla! as a blog

Commenting anyone?

Using Google's FeedBurner for SEO

How to claim your blog on Technorati

Using separate blog components


Create Search Engine Friendly URLs with sh404SEF

What are the best SEF URLs?

Available choices for SEF components

Why you should choose sh404SEF

How to get hold of sh404SEF

Looking at advanced configuration settings

Getting advanced, are you?

How to change your Home page Meta settings

Solving and preventing possible problems


The Importance of Good SEO Joomla! Templates

Finding the right template for your site

What to look for in SEO templates

Why validation matters

Choosing between free and commercial templates

What does usability have to do with SEO

Going for fixed or fluid?


Why Speed is Important in SEO

Finding your slowdowns

Using the cache function of Joomla!

Optimizing CSS and Javascript

Looking for errors in log files

Improving your images


Tracking and Tracing to Improve Your Web Site

Looking at your options


How to get Incoming Links

Do you want to use paid incoming links?

Helping people helps you with link building

Commenting done the right way

Creating your own linking empire

How to minimize your blog writing time

Learning how to ask for a link


A Joomla! Case Study in SEO

A Joomla! Case Study in SEO

A Joomla! Case Study in SEO

A Joomla! Case Study in SEO

A Joomla! Case Study in SEO

A Joomla! Case Study in SEO

A Joomla! Case Study in SEO

A Joomla! Case Study in SEO

A Joomla! Case Study in SEO

Joomla! robots.txt and .htaccess

Joomla! robots.txt and .htaccess

Joomla! robots.txt and .htaccess