PacktLib: Joomla! 1.5 Content Administration

Joomla! 1.5 Content Administration


About the Author


About the Reviewer


Exploring Your New Joomla! Website

Where to begin

Getting around the administration

Related toolbars

Organizing your site

Site wide settings

Overview of the extensions


Creating, Editing, and Organizing Content

General tips on writing content for the Web

A note on copyright

Making your home page engaging

The Article Manager

Editing an existing Article using the text editor

Creating a new Article

Breaking up Article content

Using the JCE text editor

Authorization and publishing from the frontend

What are Article parameters?


Managing Images and Videos

Media Manager

What you should know about image and video files

Adding and managing images

Using video files

Audio files


Backing Up Your Website

What's the Control Panel and where is it?

Manually backing up your site

Restoring your website manually


User Management

The big picture: Who are users?

Editing the frontend Login Form

Managing your users: The User Manager

Sending e-mails to a group of users


Making Your Site Popular

Overview of Search Engine Ranking

General strategies for SEO

Social media

Creating a new, search engine-friendly Article


Security—Precaution and Recovery

Precautionary measures

Other precautions

Installing and configuring jSecure authentication

Help, I can't log into the administration panel!

How do I recover my site after a serious compromise?


Menus, Modules, and Components

Extending a menu with a new link

Adding Web Links

Advertising banners

Latest news module: Updating and adding

Random images module

Installing third-party extensions— modules, components, and plugins

Core modules