PacktLib: Alfresco 3 Web Content Management

Alfresco 3 Web Content Management


About the Authors


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A Publishing Style Web CMS

Good web content management pays big dividends

Various WCM systems in the market

The Alfresco WCM model

Significant enhancements in Alfresco WCM with Version 3.3


Installation and Configuration

Installing a JDK

Installing MySQL

Alfresco WCM

Installing Alfresco


Getting Started with Alfresco WCM

Understanding the basics of WCM

The web project

Filesystem projection

Virtualization server

Dynamic websites using WCM



Web Content Production with Web Forms

Why web forms

Introduction to web forms

Creating web forms

Rendition templates

Associating web forms and renditions for specific/multiple project(s)

Creating dynamic content

Edit web forms for renditions

Web publishing dashlets


WCM Workflows

Why workflows are required

Introduction to the workflow

Configuring workflows

Creating a custom WCM Workflow for a group

Expiring content in WCM


Dynamic Deployment and Customizations

Dynamic deployment

Customization of existing workflow to use e-mail notifications

Remove workflow for specific staging submission

ZERO Workflow

Workflow Viewer


Content Delivery and Deployment

Introduction to content delivery

FSR for static delivery

ASR for dynamic delivery

Auto deployment

Deploying to a test server

Deploying from Alfresco WCM to DM repository


Managing Multiple Websites Using WCM

Multiple web projects

Managing multiple websites using a single web project

Layered folders


Alfresco Surf and Web Editor

Alfresco Surf platform

Design site navigation

Integrating WCM Using Web Scripts

Concepts of WCM web scripts

Alfresco web script framework

What's new in Alfresco 3 web scripts

Using web scripts with Alfresco WCM

Implementing web scripts for WCM

Root objects of FreeMarker

FreeMarker methods for the AVM repository

Root objects for an execution script

JavaScript methods for the AVM repository

Java-backed controller

Integrating WCM with external applications—case studies

Calling web scripts from a JSP page

Web script for getting the details of a particular news item


Leveraging Alfresco Framework for WCM

Membership and Security Mechanism

Common repository

Image transformation in WCM

Advanced search in WCM

Case study: User Interface for Advanced Search in WCM


WCM Administration

Data backup

Upgrading to new versions of Alfresco

Cleaning up deployment history

General maintenance tips