PacktLib: WS-BPEL 2.0 for SOA Composite Applications with Oracle SOA Suite 11g

WS-BPEL 2.0 for SOA Composite Applications with Oracle SOA Suite 11g



About the Authors

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Introduction to BPEL and SOA

Why business processes matter

Business and IT alignment

Service-Oriented Architecture

SOA building blocks

Understanding BPEL

Relation of BPEL to other languages

BPEL servers overview

The future of BPEL


Service Composition with BPEL

Developing business processes with BPEL

Core concepts

BPEL business process example

Asynchronous BPEL example


Advanced BPEL

Advanced activities

Fault handling and signaling



Termination handler

Managing events

Business process lifecycle

Correlation and message properties

Concurrent activities and links

Dynamic partner links

Message exchanges

Abstract business processes

Generating BPEL from BPMN diagrams


Using BPEL with Oracle SOA Suite 11g


Building composite applications with SOA Composite Editor

Development of BPEL processes in JDeveloper

Testing SOA composite applications

Deploying SOA composite applications

Managing SOA composite applications

Developing and deploying BPEL 2.0 processes


BPEL Extensions, Dynamic Parallel Flow, Dynamic Partner Links, Notification Service, Java Embedding, and Fault Management Framework

Extension functions and activities

Dynamic parallel flow

Notification Service

Java code embedding

Fault management framework


Entity Variables, Master and Detail Processes, Security, and Business Events in BPEL

Entity variables

Master and Detail processes

Securing SOA composite applications

Using business events in BPEL


Human Interactions in BPEL

Human interactions in business processes

Human Tasks in BPEL

Creating Human Task definitions

Using Human Tasks in BPEL processes

Creating Human Tasks forms

Deploying the SOA composite and task form

Using the Oracle BPM Worklist application



Monitoring BPEL Processes with BAM

Business Activity Monitoring

Oracle BAM architecture and features

Gathering BAM data from a BPEL process

Introduction to demonstration scenario

Enabling activity monitoring

Using monitoring objects

Using sensors

Using the BAM Adapter partner link

Deploying an SOA composite application

Building the BAM dashboard


BPEL with Oracle Service Bus and Service Registry

Oracle Service Bus architecture and features

Oracle Service Registry

Using Oracle Service Bus Console

Re-wiring an SOA composite application

Oracle Service Bus use case


BPMN to BPEL Round-tripping with BPA Suite and SOA Suite

Oracle BPA Suite architecture and features

Round-tripping between BPMN and BPEL

Demonstration scenario

Business process modeling in Business Process Architect

Using BPEL Blueprints in Oracle JDeveloper

BPMN-BPEL round-tripping


Integrating BPEL with BPMN using BPM Suite

Oracle BPM Suite architecture and features

Demonstration scenario

Business Process Modeling and implementation in Oracle BPM Studio

Testing an SOA composite application