PacktLib: Matplotlib for Python Developers

Matplotlib for Python Developers


About the Author

About the Reviewers


Introduction to Matplotlib

Merits of Matplotlib

Matplotlib web sites and online documentation

Output formats and backends

About dependencies

Installing Matplotlib


Getting Started with Matplotlib

First plots with Matplotlib

Multiline plots

Grid, axes, and labels

Titles and legends

A complete example

Saving plots to a file

Interactive navigation toolbar

IPython support

Configuring Matplotlib


Decorate Graphs with Plot Styles and Types

Markers and line styles

Handling X and Y ticks

Plot types

Polar charts

Text inside figure, annotations, and arrows


Advanced Matplotlib

Object-oriented versus MATLAB styles


Plotting dates

Text properties, fonts, and LaTeX

Contour plots and image plotting


Embedding Matplotlib in GTK+

A brief introduction to GTK+

Embedding a Matplotlib figure in a GTK+ window

Real-time plots update

Embedding Matplotlib in a Glade application


Embedding Matplotlib in Qt 4

Brief introduction to Qt 4 and PyQt4

Embedding a Matplotlib figure in a Qt window

Real-time update of a Matplotlib graph

Embedding Matplotlib in a GUI made with Qt Designer


Embedding Matplotlib in wxWidgets

Brief introduction to wxWidgets and wxPython

Embedding a Matplotlib figure in a wxFrame

Real-time plots update

Embedding Matplotlib in a GUI made with wxGlade


Matplotlib for the Web

Matplotlib and CGI

Matplotlib and mod_python

Web Frameworks and MVC

Matplotlib and Django

Matplotlib and Pylons


Matplotlib in the Real World

Plotting data from a database

Plotting data from the Web

Plotting data by parsing an Apache log file

Plotting data from a CSV file

Plotting extrapolated data using curve fitting

Tools using Matplotlib

Plotting geographical data