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Joomla! 1.5 Multimedia


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Getting Started with Joomla! Multimedia

What is multimedia?

What is Joomla!?

Multimedia use in your Joomla! CMS

Multimedia and web accessibility


Managing Your Joomla! Media

Overview of the Joomla! Media Manager

Uploading media using the Media Manager

Managing media using the Media Manager

Alternative method of managing files and media


Text, Characters, and Fonts in Your Joomla! Site

Overview of text, characters, and fonts

Fonts and their effect on website users

Which font is best to use?

Joomla! Templates and Cascading Style Sheets

Alternative methods to use custom fonts in your web pages

Joomla! text and typography extensions

Browser support and accessibility around fonts


Adding and Managing Image Content

Images and why we use them in websites

Image formats and which ones to use

Including images in your content articles and modules

Creating image galleries and slideshows

Joomla! Template images

Browser support and image accessibility


Using Audio in Your Joomla! Website

What is audio?

Audio and the Internet

Audio formats

Embedding and displaying audio in Joomla! Articles

Creating an audio podcast for Joomla!

Podcasting using extensions

Browser support and audio accessibility


Using Video in Your Joomla! Website

Video on the Internet

Video formats

Embedding and displaying video in your Joomla! web pages

Creating a video podcast

Third-party video extensions

Browser support and video accessibility


Collaborating with External Sources

Flickr, YouTube, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, Google... the list goes on

Using HTML code to include resources

Using third-party extensions for external resources


Joomla! Templates and Multimedia

What is a Joomla! Template?

Template components

Scripting and multimedia

The mobile web

Making your site mobile friendly



Joomla! Multimedia Project


The site structure

Multimedia features

And the rest…

Accessibility and validation


Extension Types and How to Install Them

Extension Types and How to Install Them

Extension Types and How to Install Them

Extension Types and How to Install Them