PacktLib: Getting started with Audacity 1.3

Getting started with Audacity 1.3


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Audacity and the World of Audio Editing

What is Audacity?

Will it work for me?

Moving up to Audacity 1.3

Common audio editing terms used in Audacity

Opening Audacity

Understanding projects

Pointers for working in Audacity

Using the best equipment


The Basics: Setting Up a Project

Creating a new project

Setting the Audacity Preferences

Planning for your recording session


Ready and Action! Creating a Voice Track and Recording Interviews

Recording voice tracks

Recording an interview with Skype


Making It Sound Better: Editing Your Podcast

Dissecting the recorded audio

Working within the project

The basics of editing


Advanced Editing: Fixing the Glitches and Removing the Noise

Using filters

Removing noise

Evening out the sound


More sound effects


Saving Projects and Exporting Podcasts

Audio formats to which Audacity exports

Podcast formats

Installing libraries

Exporting your project as an MP3

Distributing your podcast

Other Export File Options


Beyond the Basics: Editing for Even Better Sound

Softening sibilants

Clip and replace sounds

Aligning tracks and using Time Shift

Splitting and duplicating audio

Joining audio tracks

Modifying settings for the entire track


Importing and Adding Background Music

Importing digital music into Audacity

Adding music to your podcast

What is overdubbing and how do I do it?

Downmixing and rendering

Vinyl records, cassette tapes, or minidiscs


Giving Your Audio Some Depth: Applying Effects

The Effect menu


Making Audacity Even Better With Plug-Ins and Libraries

Installing plug-ins

Installing VST Enabler

Installing libraries

Using a plug-in

Using libraries


Toolbar, Menu, and Keyboard Shortcut Reference

Glossary of Terms