PacktLib: Blender 3D 2.49 Incredible Machines

Blender 3D 2.49 Incredible Machines


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Machinery Modeling and Visualization with Blender

Blender history

Working with Blender

What is an Incredible Machine?


Modeling a Handgun

Briefing and concept

Modeling workflow

Best modeling technique for this project

Effects and rendering


Polygon Modeling of the Weapon

Starting with a background image

Using subdivision to model


Adding Details

Tools and techniques for detailing

Face normals


Rendering the Project with YafaRay

YafaRay renderer

Creating a studio environment

Adding light to the scene

How YafaRay works

Setting lights in YafaRay

Adding materials to the weapon

Framing the weapon

Final render with YafaRay


Steampunk Spacecraft

Steampunk concept

Spacecraft concept

Project workflow

Building edges and planes for the spacecraft

Modeling the wing

Modeling the front


Working with Smaller Areas

Modeling the front of the spacecraft

Adding details to the wing

Creating the bottom of the spacecraft

Creating the weapons

Mirroring the spacecraft

Closing the cockpit

Detailing the fuselage

Adding cables and wires


Advanced UV Mapping

UV mapping in Blender

Using smart projections

UV test grid

Using the unwrap tool

Controlling and editing the UV layout

Editing the UV

Exporting the layout

Editing the texture


Putting the Spacecraft to Fly and Shoot with Special Effects

Blender particles

How particles work

The rear engine

The guns


Rendering the Spacecraft with YafaRay

Environment setup in YafaRay—creating a physical sky

Materials and textures in YafaRay

Rendering the scene


Transforming Robot

What is a transforming robot?

Rendering with LuxRender

Mixing modeling and animation

Modeling the object with poly modeling

Choosing a modeling technique

Modeling the main body

Modeling the head

Modeling the arms


Using Modifiers and Curves to Create Details for the Robot and Scene


Adding details to the robot

Modeling the scenario

Modeling the stands for the robots

Creating the storage boxes

Modeling lights


Making the Robot Look Metallic with Materials in LuxRender

Installing LuxRender

Setting up materials for the robot


Adding Lights to the Scene and Rendering with LuxRender

Unbiased render engine—how it works

How to add light sources in LuxRender

Rendering the scene


It's Alive! Animating the Robot

Animation controls and hierarchies

Joints and pivots

Posing the robot

Basic animation with the robot

Distributing the robots

Rendering and animating the lights


Post Production of the Robot

Using LuxRender for post production

Applying lens effects

Noise reduction

Removing the noise in GIMP