PacktLib: Moodle 1.9 for Teaching 7-14 Year Olds: Beginner's Guide

Moodle 1.9 for Teaching 7-14 Year Olds


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Getting started

First impressions

Time for action-customising our course page

Making changes on the course page

Time for action-moving, adding, and deleting blocks

Making our own side blocks in Moodle

Time for action-configuring an HTML block

Where does Moodle store our stuff?

Time for action-setting up the course files area

Brightening up the course page with images

Time for action-uploading images to our Moodle page

Adding links to other web sites in Moodle

Time for action-making a 'click here' link to a web site


Adding worksheets and resources

Putting a worksheet on Moodle

Time for action-uploading a factsheet on to Moodle

Time for action-displaying our factsheet on our course page

Putting a week's worth of slideshows into Moodle

Time for action-getting a whole folder of work into Moodle in one go

Time for action-displaying a whole folder on Moodle

Making a 'click here' type link to the River Thames web site

Recap—where do we stand now?

Creating a worksheet about flooding, directly in Moodle

Time for action-typing our flooding worksheet straight into Moodle

Online worksheets—some ideas to consider

Making our page look prettier

Time for action-improving the look of our course page


Getting Interactive

How do we do all this?

Getting our class to reflect and discuss

Time for action-setting up a discussion forum on Moodle

Carrying on the conversation in real time—outside of school

Time for action-setting up a chat room in Moodle

Making our own class Glossary

Time for action-getting students to create their own Glossary

Showcasing the plans in a database

Time for action-setting up a database

How far have we come?

Giving our class a chance to vote

Time for action-giving students a chance to choose a winner

Writing creatively in Moodle

Time for action-setting up an online creative writing exercise

Marking students' work on Moodle

Collaborative story-telling

Time for action-getting our class to work together on an online story


Self-marking Quizzes

Forget the paper

Hot potatoes—cool learning

Time for action-getting a program to create our self-marking activities

Time for action-matching rivers to continents with the JMatch Hot Potato

Time for action-getting our matching activity into Moodle

Consolidating knowledge with Hot Potatoes activities

Time for action-creating a self-marking gap-fill exercise

Time for action-making a self-marking crossword exercise

Time for action-making a self-marking mixed up words exercise

Time for action-making a self-marking multiple-choice quiz

Adding pictures to our Hot Potatoes

Time for action-creating an exercise where words are matched with pictures

Words of warning

Making an assessment test with a Moodle quiz

Time for action-set up a Moodle quiz as test on rivers and continents

The quiz question screen is in two parts

Time for action-making a multiple-choice question

Time for action-making a true/false question

Time for action-making a matching question

Other types of questions



Making an Alien Abduction (hangman) game

Time for action-finding and making the Alien Abduction game

Garbage in the bins—making a sorting exercise

Time for action-finding and making the bin game

Bish Bash Bosh—a differentiation game with a hammer!

Time for action-finding and creating the Bish Bash Bosh game

WordWeb—making a spelling game using Spellmaster

Time for action-finding and making the WordWeb game from Spellmaster

I know what you're thinking!

Fling the Teacher—making a Moodle-marked homework

Time for action-finding and setting up 'Fling the Teacher'

Time for action-creating a 'Fling the Teacher' game

Time for action-getting our game to work in Moodle's grade book



Making a sound recording to put into Moodle

Time for action-getting Audacity

Time for action-setting up to record

Improving the recording and involving our class

Time for action-getting rid of the coughs and giggles

Time for action-adding background music

Time for action-saving our recording

Time for action-adding a link to the audio file

Making a film to put into Moodle

Time for action-creating our movie

Improving our movie with effects and sound

Time for action-adding special effects to our movie

Time for action-adding sound to our movie

Getting the sound to match our images

Adding the finishing touches to make our movie ready for Moodle

Time for action-adding our opening credits

Time for action-saving and uploading the movie into Moodle


Wonderful Web 2.O

Web 2.0 words of warning

Getting the pupils to Blog!

Time for action-introducing our project with a blog entry

Putting a map onto Moodle

Time for action-how to display a Google Map on our course page

Introducing the project with a cartoon character

Time for action-creating a moving and a talking teacher

Telling our story through a cartoon animation

Time for action-creating our animation

Time for action-saving our animation which is ready for Moodle

Summarizing our project in a word cloud

Time for action-making a Wordle word cloud



Miss, I can't do the homework coz I haven't got Word at home!

Time for action-getting a free alternative to Microsoft Office

Choosing the best file type for Moodle

Time for action-saving a Rivers homework as a pdf file for ease of access on Moodle

Making it easier for our students to view our slideshows

Time for action-getting a program that displays our interactive presentations

Time for action-saving our slideshow so that everyone can see it

Making sure that all of our images look correct on Moodle

Time for action-getting a program to help us edit images for Moodle

Time for action-resizing a single photo to display on Moodle

Time for action-re-sizing several photos, all in one go

Showing YouTube videos on Moodle when YouTube is banned

Time for action-how to download a YouTube video to use on Moodle


Advanced tips and tricks

Using Moodle to get our students to make decisions

Time for action-creating a decision-making exercise (DME)

Time for action-finishing and viewing our DME

Keeping our students up-to-date with the latest news

Time for action-getting some appropriate news feeds for our topic

Time for action-keeping our students informed with a Moodle RSS block

Finishing off—what else can Moodle do for me?

Evaluating our course with a Moodle questionnaire

Rewarding our students efforts with a certificate

Making our course home page look more like a web page

Time for action-adding image links to our topic sections

Time for action-putting our activities into web pages

Time for action-link the topic web page to its image

Concealing our activities to make our course page neater

Time for action-making our course page look more like a web page