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Drupal 5 Views Recipes


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Introduction to Views

Recipe 1: Installing the Views module

Recipe 2: Views-related URLs on your site

Recipe 3: Creating a "Swim Groups" Page View

Recipe 4: Adding a Header to your View

Recipe 5: Adding a View to a Menu

Recipe 6: Creating a Block of Swim Groups

Recipe 7: Creating an "Admin" Role and setting Access Permissions

Recipe 8: Installing Firefox and Firebug

Recipe 9: Revealing the full extent of Views

Recipe 10: Preparing Views Worksheets


Working with Default Views

Recipe 11: Adding "Recent Comments" to your site

Recipe 12: The frontpage View

Recipe 13: Read More link

Recipe 14: All-time Popular, and Recent Popular Pages

Recipe 15: All-time Popular, and Recent popular Blocks—removing the hit count

Recipe 16: Taxonomy View

Recipe 17: Fixing the case of the missing Taxonomy term

Recipe 18: Empty Text, with PHP

Recipe 19: Getting to know the Tracker

Recipe 20: Making the Tracker Sortable

Recipe 21: Integrating the Tracker View with the Tracker module

Recipe 22: Reviewing Default Views code

Recipe 23: Creating a Default View


CCK and Views

Recipe 24: Addressing the Views Body Field issue

Recipe 25: Creating Website snapshots

Recipe 26: Creating a Blogroll

Recipe 27: Displaying Guitar Chords

Recipe 28: Using the Viewfield module

Recipe 29: Using the Node Reference module

Recipe 30: Relating Content types with Reverse Node Reference

Recipe 31:Embedding a View in a Theme template

Recipe 32: Displaying mini-pie charts


Dates and Calendars

Recipe 33: Understanding Date formats

Recipe 34: Block of upcoming workshops

Recipe 35: Exposed Filters

Recipe 36: Views Date Range Filter module

Recipe 37: Exposed Filter settings

Recipe 38: Summary Views

Recipe 39: Date Browser

Recipe 40: Timeline

Recipe 41: Views Popup

Recipe 42: Creating a Calendar

Recipe 43: iCal feeds

Recipe 44: Upgrade Date and Calendar modules


Views and Tools for Administrators

Recipe 45: Administration menu

Recipe 46: ModuleInfo

Recipe 47: Views UI permissions

Recipe 49: Editablefields

Recipe 50: Views Bulk Operations—Content administration

Recipe 51: Views Bulk Operations—Taxonomy assignment

Recipe 52: Views Custom Field

Recipe 53: Cron setup

Recipe 54: Formatting Views queries


Views Galore

Recipe 55: Views Fusion

Recipe 56: Views Fast Search

Recipe 57: YouTube Video Bar

Recipe 58: Views Bonus Pack Export

Recipe 59: Photo Gallery

Recipe 60: Gallery with Lightbox2 and jQuery Update

Recipe 61: Google Maps

Recipe 62: Proximity Search

Recipe 63: Views Calculations

Recipe 64: Podcasting

Recipe 65: Using the Flag module for Bookmarks

Recipe 66: Using the Flag module for various use cases

Recipe 67: Explore more Views, Galore


Theming and Layout

Recipe 68: Themeable functions reference

Recipe 69: Displaying Themeable function names in Source Code

Recipe 70: Using Panels with SimpleFeed

Recipe 71: Tweaking output with hook_link_alter

Recipe 72: Debugging

Recipe 73: Node-feed-item.tpl.php

Recipe 74: Format the Pager with CSS-only modifications

Recipe 75: Overriding the theme_pager function

Recipe 76: Understanding how Theme functions are called

Recipe 77: Override theme_views_view

Recipe 78: Total Item count

Recipe 79: Views Theme Wizard

Recipe 80: Date badge

Recipe 81: Grouped View

Recipe 82: Body classes

Recipe 83: Carousel View

Recipe 84: Views Dashboard—code approach

Recipe 85: Views Dashboard—module approach

Recipe 86: Great Online Theming resources


Navigating the Online Drupal Community

Recipe 87: Creating an issue Page Bookmark

Recipe 88: Searching the Views issue queue

Recipe 89: Posting an issue

Recipe 90: Applying a Patch

Recipe 91: Creating a Patch

Recipe 92: Installing a Search plugin for the Contributions API

Recipe 93: Using IRC—real-time technical support

Recipe 94: Exploring Resources


Default Views in Drupal 5 Modules


Style Plugins

Views Hooks for Coders

Modules Included in Recipe Ingredients

Additional Resources and Modules Mentioned in Recipes

Selected Noteworthy Patches to Views