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Drupal 6 Site Builder Solutions


About the Author

About the Reviewers


Introducing Good Eatin'

The Good Eatin' Bistro

Plans for a Good Eatin' web site

Getting started with Drupal

Jumping straight to dessert — Good Eatin' on the web


Creating Good Eatin's Online Presence

About Good Eatin': Adding static pages

Creating Clean URLs

Getting around: Setting up navigation

Leveraging the help of others: Installing custom modules

Whetting their appetites: Adding images

Dinner and a show: Adding slideshows to the site

Personalizing the restaurant: Adding themes to the site

Playing in the kitchen: Topics to research on your own


Adding Products and Services

Building the good eatin' menu with a custom content type

Using taxonomy to categorize content

Adding content with the menu item type

Customizing the display of the menu item

Displaying groups of menu items with Views


Interacting With Customers and Visitors

Working with users

Working with comments

Set up user ratings for content

Working with polls

Adding user surveys


Creating a Company Blog

Creating blogs

Enabling customers to read your blogs

Including information from other blogs


Newsletters and Calendars

Creating newsletters

Adding a calendar


Buzzword Compliance: Whisking in Some Web 2.0

Online cooking class

Adding Google maps


Freebies and Downloads

Adding downloads and PDFs to the web site


Online Orders and Payments

Take-out ordering


Keeping a Clean Kitchen

Web site backups

Web site optimization

Maintaining content

Upgrading to new versions of Drupal


From Restaurants to Other Businesses

Possible enhancements to the Good Eatin' site

Similar businesses

Outsourcing your development and hosting