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SAP Business ONE Implementation


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Getting Ready to Implement SAP Business ONE

Setting the stage for the book—how does your business "tick"

What this chapter will cover

Toolbox for your business

The case study—why your company is like the "Lemonade Stand"

Start with a piece of paper

SAP Business ONE—a business engine

Introducing key terms and concepts


SAP Business ONE Express Implementation Walk-through

Configuring a new SAP Business ONE company Lemonade Stand Inc.

Future way for SAP implementation

Your own project

The Lemonade Stand case study

Getting ready for transactions

Transaction digestion


Reporting and Analysis: Getting Ready for Growth

Reporting architecture

User-defined fields

Components of a reporting strategy

SAP Business ONE reporting tools "hands-on"

XL Reporter and Crystal Reports


Creating a Project Plan using the SAP Accelerated Implementation Plan

Project management background

Step-by-step SAP project plan preparation


Business Process Analysis and SMBs

Being a business architect for your own SAP solution

Using business process analysis tools for your business

The "international language of ERP"

Project status—where are we now?

Phase 2 "Analysis and Design" completion


Implementing an Integrated Sales Strategy

What you will learn about SAP Business ONE sales in this chapter

Implementing the 360 +ONE sales strategy with SAP Business ONE

Summary of the SAP CRM workflow

Sales opportunity reports

Critical analysis of the SAP Business ONE sales functionality


Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Goals of this chapter

Logistics key terms

Logistics success factors

Project plan progress

What to do now in your own project

Case study—inventory optimization and warehouse management

Inventory forecasting with SAP Business ONE

Purchase order cycle and warehouse management

Inventory valuation and General Ledger postings

Goods receipt processing in SAP

Delivery processing in SAP

Integrating barcode and warehouse management


Competitive Service and Contract Management

What we will learn in this chapter

Key terms

Core features

Project plan status

Your project

Case study—step-by-step implementation

Summary of the service workflow

Service reports


Job Costing add-on by Enprise

Advanced service functionality using ServiceONE by Navigator

SAP service module functionality available via add-ons


Data Migration Scenarios:What to Migrate and How

What you will learn about data migration

The project plan

Data sources—where is my data

Data classification in SAP Business ONE

Migration scenarios and key decisions

Process of migration for your project

SAP standard import features

Data Migration Workbench (DTW)

Advanced data migration tools: xFusion Studio

Tips and recommendations for your own project

Case study


Consolidated Reporting and Dashboard Design

What you will learn about reporting in this chapter

The project plan

Reporting strategy for your own project

Standard terms related to reporting

SAP reporting components

Report design from information requirement to query and report

SAP Crystal Reports add-on

SAP XL Reporter

CrystalWave reporting

Case study (the XL Reporter dashboard)


E-commerce and Web Sales

What you will learn in this chapter about SAP web technologies

The project plan

Using web sales technologies in your own project

Standard terms related to e-commerce and web sales

SAP web tools

A real-time solution

Case study


Managing Growth:Franchising Example

What you will learn in this chapter about multilevel SAP Business ONE implementations

The project plan and managing growth

Franchise processes

Standard terms related to larger SAP Business ONE rollouts and integration with the SAP Business Suite

Framework for franchise organizations

What to do in your own project

Case study