PacktLib: Small Business Server 2008 – Installation, Migration, and Configuration

Small Business Server 2008 Installation, Migration, and Configuration


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Who should read this book...and do the work?

Why are you installing a server?

Book goals

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Introduction to SBS 2008

SBS 2008

Solution Checklist



Preparing to Migrate from SBS 2003

When to migrate and when to perform a clean installation

Why do you have to migrate to SBS 2008?

Fourteen steps of migration

Doing two things at once

Migrating from SBS 2003 to SBS 2008 on the same server

Planning the migration and communicating the plan

Checking the health of the SBS 2003

Backing up the existing server

Changing network configuration to match SBS 2008 design requirements

Updating software on SBS 2003

Changing Active Directory functionality level

Confirming SBS 2003 is currently configured at best practice levels

Removing unnecessary email from Exchange

Checking that the permissions are set to allow a migration

Preparing SBS 2003 Time Synchronisation

Running the migration tool on SBS 2003

Preparing to migrate line-of-business applications

Completing the answer file for SBS 2008 setup

What is not covered


Installing SBS 2008 and Connecting to the Internet

SBS 2008 installation

Resolving errors and installing SBS 2008 updates

Setting up IP addresses for clean installations


Migrating Systems and Settings from SBS 2003


21-day time limit

User Access Control

Preparing to run the Migration Wizard

Working through the Migration Wizard


Migrating Email from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007

Migrating email from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007

Finishing the Exchange 2007 migration and checking systems


Migrating the CompanyWeb SharePoint Site

Extracting data from SBS 2003 server

Adding OldCompanyWeb to SBS 2008

Tidying up


Migrating Users and Data from SBS 2003

Migrating file shares

Migrating the fax data

Migrating users and groups

Migrating Line of Business (LOB) applications

Finishing the migration

Making your SBS 2008 appear to also be the SBS 2003 server on the network


Configuring your Services


Accepting the customer feedback option

Configuring your Internet domain name for remote access and email

Enabling email routing via your smart hosts

Configuring Office Live for Small Business for SBS 2008

Configuring a VPN for external access


Securing the Server


Network security configuration

Configuring backups and running a test backup

Configuring OneCare for servers or other anti-malware solution


Managing Users and their Computers

Managing users

Managing computers


Working with SBS Services as a User

E-mail, Calendar, and Contacts

Managing files

Remote access


Introduction to SBS 2008 Management

Administration tools

Daily maintenance check via reports

Maintenance areas

Troubleshooting common problems