PacktLib: Oracle 10g/11g Data and Database Management Utilities

Oracle 10g/11g Data and Database Management Utilities


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Data Pump

Data Pump features

Data Pump architecture

Setting up the practical scenarios

Data Pump export

Data Pump restart capability

Getting information about the export job

Data Pump import

Improving performance with Data Pump

Working with the Data Pump API

Data Pump 11g new features



SQL*Loader basics

Preparing the demo environment

Specifying a particular character set

Load on the fly

Direct path versus Conventional path load

Loading Large Objects (LOBs)

Loading multimedia files

Resumable load

Parallel load

General performance booster tips


External Tables

The External Table basics

Let's setup the environment

Inter-version compatibility

Data transformation with External Tables

Mapping XML files as External Tables

Dynamically changing the external reference

Oracle 11g External Table enhancements


Recovery Manager Advanced Techniques

Recovery Manager basics

Backup compression

Faster backups through intra-file parallel backup and restore operations (11g only)

Block media recovery

Backup duration and throttling

Database cloning

Inter-platform database migration

Migrate to and from an ASM environment

General backup advices


Recovery Manager Restore and Recovery Techniques

Oracle database recovery

Loss of data files

Loss of redo log files

Test restore

Crosscheck command

Nologging considerations


Session Management

User sessions in a dedicated server architecture

Blocking sessions


Resource Manager

Active Session History (ASH)

Session monitoring, the traditional way


Oracle Scheduler

Oracle Scheduler concepts

Getting started with the Oracle Scheduler

Time expression syntax



Jobs and Job Classes

Managing the Scheduler

Data dictionary related views


Oracle Wallet Manager

The Oracle Wallet Manager

Oracle Wallet Manager CSR generation

Storing the Oracle Wallet in the Windows registry

Storing the Wallet in an LDAP server

Using certificates for authentication

Using the Oracle Wallet to store database credentials


Security Management

Using the Oracle Wallet to encrypt backups

The enterprise user


Database Configuration Assistant


Database creation

Database edition

Database template management

Automatic Storage Management configuration

DBCA, Batch mode


Oracle Universal Installer

OUI basics

OUI basic and advanced installation modes

Modes of installation

OUI command line parameters

Silent installation mode

The oraparam.ini file

OUI return codes

Installing Oracle from the Web

Recovering a lost Inventory

Cloning Oracle Home using OUI


Enterprise Manager Configuration Assistant

Enterprise Manager Components

Enterprise Manager configuration

EMCA Command Line Interface

EMCA 10g Release 1

EM directory structure

Environment changes

Securing Enterprise Manager




Downloading the latest OPatch version

OPatch requirements

OPatch syntax

Oracle maintenance using OPatch

Applying a single patch using OPatch

Querying the Oracle inventory

Rolling back a failed OPatch session

Considerations after applying a patch

OPatch in Oracle 11g

Oracle Configuration Manager Registration

Critical Patch Updates

Hot patching (11g only)

Troubleshooting OPatch

Using Enterprise Manager for software maintenance

Managing Patches in EM 11g