PacktLib: Choosing an Open Source CMS: Beginner's Guide

Choosing an Open Source CMS


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Do I Even Want an Open Source CMS?

You need a CMS!

Which CMS?

What about you?

About this book

Let's get started!

Evaluating Your Options

Genres of Content Management Systems

Different types, but strong overlap

Understanding CMS technologies


Understanding your Requirements

Setting our expectations right

Time for action-setting your expectations for "The Yoga Site"

Measuring your site

Time for action-measuring the scale of your site

Working with others

Time for action-determining compliance and interoperability needs

Determining additional feature requirements

Time for action-choosing additional features


Building the Site

Get hands-on experience with a CMS

Time for action-taking a test drive

Create navigation structure

Time for action-creating navigation structure

Understanding technical requirements

Time for action-understanding technical requirements

Installing a CMS

Time for action-install WordPress


Content Editing and Management

Adding content to our site

Time for action-adding a page


Templates and Plug-ins

Giving a professional look to our site

Time for action-finding a good template

Time for action-setting up a template

Enhancing functionality with plug-ins

Time for action-finding a photo gallery plug-in

Time for action-showing a photo gallery on our site


Extending and Customizing

Customize a template

Time for action-replacing the default logo in our template

Time for action-advancing customization via CSS changes

Understanding the code architecture

Finding professional help


Blog CMSs

The first question-do I need a self-hosted or service-based CMS?

Taking WordPress for a test drive

Time for action-managing content with WordPress

Extending WordPress

Time for action-customizing the design

Evaluating Movable Type

Time for action-managing content with Movable Type

Expressing opinions with ExpressionEngine

Time for action-managing content with ExpressionEngine

Searching for more alternatives

Additional help is also available


Web CMSs

Do you want a CMS or a portal?

Time for action-managing content with CMS Made Simple

Time for action-exploring customization options

Diving into Drupal

Time for action-putting Drupal to the test

Is Joomla! the best choice?

SilverStripe—easy and extensive

ezPublish—enterprise CMS

Umbraco—rising high

DotNetNuke—the first you may notice

Plone—for Python lovers

dotCMS—enterprise and Java

Where to find more?


CMS for e-commerce

Content or commerce?

Magento—open source e-commerce evolved

Time for action-adding products with Magento

VirtueMart—bringing e-commerce to Joomla!

Time for action-adding products and selling them

Freeway—e-commerce for products, events, services, and subscriptions

Time for action-selling weekly yoga class registrations

Other notable e-commerce CMSs


Team Collaboration CMSs

Why a collaboration CMS?

Alfresco—an enterprise CMS

Time for action-planning the Yoga Site with Alfresco

Time for action-creating workflows and revisions with Alfresco

Finding alternatives to Alfresco


Specialized CMSs

Wiki CMSs: The power of collective contribution

Time for action-creating events listing for the Yoga Site

Discussion forums: helping each other

Time for action-discussions on yoga products

Photo galleries: Sharing memories

Time for action-posting team photos online

Online learning: facilitating learning

Time for action-creating a yoga course

Other specialized CMSs


Hosting your CMS-Powered Site

Do I need hosting?


Getting Involved in the Community

Where to go for support

Searching for an answer

Keep this in mind—asking good questions

How can you contribute?


Working with a Specialist

Basics of Software Project Management

Finding the right expert

Outsourcing requires different thinking

Tracking progress and controlling

Handling risks and conflicts

Succeed with your project—recommendations


Packt Open Source CMS Awards

Why an award?

Award methodology

2008 award winners

Other finalists

Most valued professionals