PacktLib: JBoss Tools 3 Developers Guide

JBoss Tools 3 Developer's Guide


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An overview of JBoss Tools

What's new in JBoss Tools 3?

Installing JBoss Tools


JBoss AS Tools

JBoss AS plug-in and the Eclipse Web Tools Platform

Creating our first web project—a dynamic web project stub

JBoss AS Perspective


JBoss Tools Palette

JBoss Tools Palette Toolbar

Using tags in text files


JSF Tools

Overview of JSF

Creating a JSF project stub

JSF Project Verification

JSF application configuration file

Editing pages code sources

Adding/Removing JSF capabilities for an existing project

Facelets support


Struts Tools

Overview of Struts

Struts project verification

Creating a Struts project stub

Struts editors

Debugging support for Struts projects


Seam Tools

Overview of Seam


Creating a new Seam project

Test testSeam project

Creating Seam components

Seam views

Using TestNG for Seam projects

Generating a Seam project from an existing database

Modify Seam preferences


Hibernate Tools

Overview of Hibernate


Hibernate Tools for Eclipse

Hibernate Tools for Ant


jBPM Tools

Downloading and installing the JBoss jBPM Suite

Creating a jBPM stub project

Creating a jBPM process definition

Launching the jBPM JPDL perspective

jBPM GPD Editor

Running a process on JBoss jBPM server

Creating a JUnit test for a jBPM process


ESB Tools

Downloading and installing the JBossESB Server

Creating a JBossESB stub project

JBoss ESB Editor

Configuring message queues in JBossESB Server

Indicating the classes loading order

Sending an ESB Message through the ServiceInvoker

Sending a JMS Message in a classical manner

Service Registry configuration

Importing the "endorsed" libraries

Preparing and deploying a Service on JBossESB Server

Testing the ESB Service

What just happened?


Web Services Tools—JBossWS

Overview of Web Services

Downloading and installing JBossWS Native

Configuring JBossWS under Eclispe IDE

Creating a web service using Web Services Tools

Testing a web service through Web Services Explorer

Creating a Web service from a Java bean

Publishing web services and business entities


JBoss Portal Tools

Overview of Portals and Portlets

Downloading and installing JBoss Portal + JBoss AS

Configuring the JBoss Portal bundle under Eclipse IDE

Starting JBoss Portal

Adding a Java portlet in JBoss Portal

Deploying and running a portlet

Adding a JSP portlet in JBoss Portal

Adding a JSF portlet in JBoss Portal

Adding a Seam portlet in JBoss Portal