PacktLib: Moodle 1.9 Multimedia

Moodle 1.9 Multimedia


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Getting Ready for Multimedia in Moodle

Multimedia in Moodle

About the course

Configuring Moodle for multimedia

Three simple things using Moodle and multimedia


Picture This

Finding free pictures online

Moodle it!

Capturing and enhancing pictures using GIMP

Capturing screenshots

Creating comic strips using Strip Generator

Creating slideshows


Sound and Music

Finding free music and sounds online

Moodle it!

Creating and delivering

Converting text to speech using Voki

Podcasting using Podomatic



Finding free videos online

Creating videos quickly and cheaply

Moodle it!

Creating a photo story with Windows Photo Story

Creating a screencast with Jing

Creating an online TV station using Mogulus

Creating a stop motion movie with Animator DV Simple+


Web 2.0 and Other Multimedia Forms

Creating gadgets to represent data by using Google Docs (Spreadsheets)

Creating floor plans using a floor planner

Creating mind maps using Mindomo

Creating interactive timelines using Dipity

Creating custom maps using Google Maps

Creating an online presentation using Voicethread


Multimedia and Assessments

Adding multimedia to multiple choice answers in Moodle quizzes and lessons

Creating exercises with Hot Potatoes

Creating interactive exercises with JClic

Assessing multimedia using rubrics


Synchronous Communication and Interaction

Communicating in real-time using text, audio, and video

Creating an online real-time classroom


Common Multimedia Issues in Moodle

Copyright issues

Safety issues

Selecting Web 2.0 applications

Moodle modules and plug-ins of interest