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Drupal 6 Themes


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The Elements of a Drupal Theme

The Importance of Themes in Drupal

What Is a Theme?

What Is a Theme Engine?

The Range and Flexibility of Drupal Themes

What You See on the Screen

The Big Picture: How Drupal Displays a Page

The Default Themes of the Drupal Distro

The Theme Files


Theme Setup and Configuration

Finding Additional Themes

Installing an Additional Theme

Configuring a Theme

Managing Modules and Blocks

Theming in Action: Dressing Up Garland

Uninstalling Themes


Working with Theme Engines

What is PHPTemplate?

How Does It Work?

Getting Started with PHPTemplate

Alternative Theme Engines

Installing Additional Theme Engines


Identifying Templates, Stylesheets, and Themable Functions

Putting Together the Pieces—Templates, Stylesheets, and Functions

A Guide to Theming Elements


Intercepts and Overrides

Overriding the Default CSS

Overriding Templates and Themable Functions


Modifying an Existing Theme

Setting Up the Workspace

Planning the Modifications

Creating a New Subtheme

Making the Transition from Zen to Tao


Building a New Theme

Planning the Build

Creating a New PHPTemplate Theme

Build a New Pure PHP Theme


Dynamic Theming

Using Multiple Templates

Dynamically Theming Page Elements

Creating Dynamic CSS Styling

Working with Template Variables


Dealing with Forms

How Forms Work in Drupal

How to Approach Modifying Forms

Solutions to Common Form Issues

The Default Forms


Drupal CSS Map

Drupal CSS Map

Drupal CSS Map

The Themers' Toolkit

The Themers' Toolkit

The Themers' Toolkit