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Entity Framework Tutorial


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Introducing the ADO.NET Entity Framework

What You should Know

Looking Back

What is ADO.NET Entity Framework?

The ADO.NET Entity Framework Architectural Components

The Entity Data Model (EDM)

Installing the Prerequisites

Designing the Payroll Database



Getting Started

Creating an Entity Data Model

The ADO.NET Entity Data Source Control

Implementing Our First Application Using the Entity Framework


Entities, Relationships, and the Entity Data Model

Entities, Entity Types, and Relationships in the ADO.NET Entity Data Model (EDM)

Exploring the Payroll Entity Data Model


Working with Stored Procedures in the Entity Data Model

Mapping Stored Procedures to Functions in the EDM

Using Stored Procedures

Mapping Stored Procedures that Return Custom Entity Types


Working with Entity Client and Entity SQL

An Overview of the Entity SQL Language

Data Paging Using Entity SQL

Working with the ADO.NET Entity Client

Other Operations with Entity SQL


Working with LINQ to Entities

Introducing LINQ

Understanding the LINQ Architecture

Operators in LINQ

Querying Data Using LINQ


Working with the Object Services Layer

What are Object Services?

Adding, Modifying, and Deleting Objects

Attaching and Detaching Objects to and from the Object Context

Serializing and De-Serializing Entity Instances

Change Tracking and Identity Resolution Using ObjectContext

Inheritance in the Entity Framework

Implementing Complex Types in the EDM


Introducing ADO.NET Data Services

Introducing ADO.NET Data Services


Exposing Data as a Service Using ADO.NET Data Services

Understanding the System.Services.Data Namespace

Restricting Access to Resources

Working with the ADO.NET Data Service Client Library

Handling Exceptions in ADO.NET Data Services

Batching ADO.NET Data Services Requests to Improve Performance