PacktLib: Liferay Portal 5.2 Systems Development

Liferay Portal 5.2 Systems Development


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Introducing Liferay Portal Architecture and Framework

What's Liferay portal?

Why Liferay portal?

Architecture and framework

Portal development strategies


Working with JSR-286 Portlets

Experiencing Liferay portal and portlets

Using JSR-286 portlets

Employing portlet configuration, context, request, response, and preferences

Extending JSR-286 portlets

Serving resources

Coordinating portlets


ServiceBuilder and Development Environments

Setting up Ext

Building Ext

Deploying Ext

Using ServiceBuilder in Ext

Setting up Plugins SDK

Using development environments efficiently


Experiencing Struts Portlets

Developing a JSP portlet

Constructing a basic Struts portlet

Building an advanced Struts portlet

Using Struts efficiently


Managing Pages

Extending Communities portlet

Customizing the Manage Pages portlet

Customizing page management with more features

Using communities and layout page efficiently


Customizing the WYSIWYG Editor

Configuring the WYSIWYG editor

Adding templates and styles in FCKeditor

Inserting images and links from different services

Inserting content-rich flashes into Web Content


Customizing CMS and WCM

Managing Terms of Use dynamically

Constructing featured content

Customizing the Web Content List portlet

Customizing the Asset Publisher portlet

Building dynamic articles with recently added content and related content

Building dynamic articles with polls

Extending CMS and WCM


Building a Personalized Community

Sharing content with friends

Setting up the most popular journal articles

Personalizing user comments

Customizing My Account

Building personal community—My Street

Using personal community efficiently


Developing Layout Templates and Themes

Building layout templates in Ext

Developing layout templates in Plugins SDK

Building themes in Plugins SDK

Customizing Velocity templates in themes

Using Plugins SDK more efficiently


Building My Social Office

Experiencing the Control Panel

Building Inter-Portlet Communication

Developing Social Office theme

Adding mail and chat portlets

Building Social Office with portlets

Hooking properties and JSP files into Social Office

Using hooks more efficiently


Staging and Publishing

Building dynamic navigation and site map

Customizing event handlers and model listeners

Undergoing local staging and publishing

Employing staging workflow and other workflows

Scheduling web content

Experiencing remote staging and publishing


Using Common API

Adding custom attributes

Building OpenSearch

Overriding the Spring services

Constructing web services

Enjoying best practices